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OMG, int. (and n.) and adj.

Brit. Hear pronunciation/ˌəʊɛmˈdʒiː/
U.S. Hear pronunciation/ˌoʊˌɛmˈdʒi/
Forms:  1900s– O.M.G., 1900s– OMG, 1900s– omg. (Show Less)
Frequency (in current use):  Show frequency band information
Origin: Formed within English, as an initialism. Etymon: English oh my God.
Etymology: Initialism < the initial letters of ‘oh my God’ (frequently as a graphic abbreviation).
The final element may sometimes represent gosh, goodness, etc.
colloquial (frequently in the language of electronic communications).
 A. int. (and n.)

  Expressing astonishment, excitement, embarrassment, etc.: ‘oh my God!’; = omigod int.   Also occasionally as n.Quot. 1917   is perhaps with punning reference to the Order of St. Michael and St. George, which at this point had had no Grand Master or Chancellor for several years: these were appointed on 4 October 1917.

1917   J. A. F. Fisher Let. 9 Sept. in Memories (1919) v. 78   I hear that a new order of Knighthood is on the tapis—O.M.G. (Oh! My God!)—Shower it on the Admiralty!!
1994   Re: AW: Ryan & Lorna..NOT in rec.arts.tv.soaps (Usenet newsgroup) 23 Sept.   OMG! what did I say?
1997   C. Parker Joy of Cybersex 183   OMG Oh my God!
2006   Elle Girl Mar. 134/4   Is this ridiculous to anyone else? Are we dreaming? OMG, What is going on?
2009   R. V. Kozinets Netnography x. 183   All of it blogged and microblogged and promoted with lots of omgs and lols.
2010   Nottingham Post (Nexis) 9 Dec. 15   OMG, it's Ken Barlow on my phone; I'm not worthy!

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 B. adj.

  Causing or characterized by a reaction of astonishment, excitement, etc.; that might cause one to exclaim ‘oh my God!’

1982   Los Angeles Times 15 Jan. i. 4/5 (advt.)    You'll find the season's best tangelos and tangerines now at our famous produce stalls. We spotted some marked O-M-G Tangelos, about the biggest we've seen.
1999   OMG! Chicago 8/19 in alt.music.s-mclachlan (Usenet newsgroup) 20 Aug.   She stood at the corner of the stage with this ‘girly’ happy OMG face.
2007   Houston Chron. (Nexis) 31 July (3 Star ed.) (Business section) 1   The iPhone is a very different device, and when you first start working with it, there's definitely an OMG! effect.

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