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wiki, n.

U.S. Hear pronunciation/ˈwɪki/
Forms:  also with capital initial.(Show Less)
Frequency (in current use):  Show frequency band information
Origin: Formed within English, by clipping or shortening. Etymon: English WikiWikiWeb.
Etymology: Shortened < WikiWikiWeb, the name of the first website of this kind, used as a program name and in URLs, punningly after World Wide Web n.
The name of the web site is < Hawaiian wikiwiki very quick, emphatic form of wiki quick.
(The element wiki has sometimes been interpreted as an acronym of what I know is; this reflects a later rationalization of the name.)

  A type of web page designed so that its content can be edited by anyone who accesses it, using a simplified markup language.

1995   PC Week 10 July (Net Week Suppl.) 23/2   Windows NT-based client applications include Telnet.., drag-and-drop FTP.., an SMTP and POP2/3-compatible mail client,..and wiki-paging utility.
2000   Information Week (Nexis) 21 Feb. 170   You've got your code archive, your design reviews, your internal Web site, and for sure you've got a torrent of E-mail. But do you have a Wiki?
2005   Wall St. Jrnl. 21 Mar. (Central ed.) r15/3   Why not create a travel wiki where travelers can change and update the entries themselves?
2006   Economist (Electronic ed.) 22 Apr. 10   Team members in a company, for instance, might use wikis to collaborate on presentations or project calendars.

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