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chillax, v.

Brit. Hear pronunciation/tʃɪˈlaks/
U.S. Hear pronunciation/ˌtʃɪˈlæks/
Origin: Formed within English, by blending. Etymons: chill v., relax v.
Etymology: Blend of chill v. and relax v.

  intransitive. To calm down and relax; to take it easy, to chill (see chill v. Additions 4). Often in imperative: ‘relax’, ‘calm down’.

1994   Re: Devil Worshipping Mom Beaters in bit.listserv.cinema-l (Usenet newsgroup) 6 Dec.   Chillax my friend. I agree with most of your sentiments about Tarantino and his use of violence as comedy.
2008   Z. Heller Believers xiii. 195   Lenny yawned. ‘Jesus, Ro. Chillax, would you?’
2009   @KatAragon 5 Sept. in twitter.com (O.E.D. Archive)    This is literally the 1st time i have sat down for more than 30 min. in the new place and just chillaxed.
2014   B. Conaghan When Mr Dog Bites (2015) ii. 5   Everyone knows that sixteen-year-old geezers don't play—we hang out or chillax.

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