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LOL, int. and n.2

Hear pronunciation/ˌɛləʊˈɛl/
Hear pronunciation/ˌɛlˌoʊˈɛl/
Forms:  1900s– LOL, 1900s– lol. (Show Less)
Frequency (in current use):  Show frequency band information
Origin: Formed within English, as an initialism. Etymon: English laughing out loud.
Etymology: Initialism < the initial letters of laughing out loud; sometimes also pronounced as an acronym.
The first L of LOL is sometimes also explained as the initial letter of laugh.
 A. int.

  Originally and chiefly in the language of electronic communications: ‘ha ha!’; used to draw attention to a joke or humorous statement, or to express amusement.

1989   FidoNews (Electronic text) 8 May   LOL—Laughing Out Loud.
1993   Re: Walking out of Movies in bit.listserv.cinema-l (Usenet newsgroup) 3 Aug.   LOL... Damn, that's even worse... Ba Ha Ha Ha ha ha!
2002   What Mobile Apr. 23/3 (heading)    Wan2 go on a d8 2nite? LOL. Everyone flirts, but will people really do it on their mobiles?
2003   K. Sampson Freshers 100   ‘Wow, man! Are you, like, really from a council estate?’ ‘Yep.’ ‘Lol! Awesome.’
2006   J. Dibbell Play Money xxiv. 170   There was a pause, then finally: lol. i know what ur hintin at.

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 B. n.2

  An instance of the written interjection ‘LOL’.

1993   San Diego Union-Tribune 14 Feb. d2/3   Someone who cracks a joke might get an ‘LOL’ in response—for ‘Laughing Out Loud’.
1995   RE: Polygonal shaped GIFs in comp.infosystems.www.authoring.images (Usenet newsgroup) 13 Aug.   I got a LOL about ‘Geometrically challenged’.
2000   Times Union (Albany, N.Y.) (Nexis) 7 Sept. (Three Star ed.) d1   Last week.., 14-year-old Caitlin Orlofsky and her friends caught up on it all, in a conversation punctuated by LOLs.
2009   R. V. Kozinets Netnography x. 183   All of it blogged and microblogged and promoted with lots of omgs and lols.

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