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mash-up, n.

Frequency (in current use): 
Origin: Formed within English, by compounding. Etymons: mash v.1, up adv.1

 1. A mixture or fusion of disparate elements.rare before late 20th cent., when the influence of sense 2   is frequently evident.

1859   D. Boucicault Octoroon i. 13   He don't understand; he speaks a mash up of Indian, French, and Mexican.
1998   Touch Aug. 45/3   Before hardcore became ‘happy hardcore’, there was a real cultural mash-up.
2004   Chicago Tribune (Midwest ed.) 7 Mar. vii. 10/4   One favorite technique is what might be termed a verbal mash-up, in which he melds two phrases that share a common word—such as ‘voice-mail-bomb’.

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 2. spec. A fusion of disparate musical elements. Now usually: a piece of popular music created by merging the elements of two or more existing songs using computer technology and production techniques, esp. one featuring the vocals of one song over the instrumental backing of another.

1994   Times 24 June 37/1   So what is Jungle, this frantic, weirdly fragmented mash-up of eerie samples, dub bass lines, jittering snare drums, ragga chat and soul vocals and why should we care?
1997   DJ 30 Aug. 33/1   Dust at the liquid bar..is a breakbeat, skate, drum & bass, techno and hip hop night (a true genre mash up then) that's on every Wednesday.
2000   Carl Cox in alt.music.techno (Usenet newsgroup) 27 Jan.   It's a mash up between the vocals of Armand Van Helden's ‘You don't know me’ and something else which I can't of the live [sic] of me remember the title of.
2002   N.Y. Times Mag. 15 Dec. 102/1   Making a mash-up is easy in the digital age. You take the vocals-only version of one pop song..and use a computer to splice it onto the instrumental track of another.
2005   SL (Cape Town) Feb. 64/1   The mash-up is something that goes beyond the remix.

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This is a new entry (OED Third Edition, March 2006).