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internet, n.

Brit. Hear pronunciation/ˈɪntənɛt/
U.S. Hear pronunciation/ˈɪn(t)ərˌnɛt/
Forms:  also with capital initial.(Show Less)
Frequency (in current use):  Show frequency band information
Origin: Formed within English, by clipping or shortening. Etymon: internetwork n.
Etymology: Shortened < internetwork n., perhaps influenced by similar words in -net, as Catenet (1972), Satnet (1973), Telenet (1973), etc., ultimately after ARPANET (the name of a wide area network established in 1969 by the Advanced Research Projects Agency of the U.S. Department of Defense; the name ARPANET is attested from 1971). In subsequent use denoting the global network, probably greatly reinforced by use in the compound Internet Protocol n.
On the spread of the term compare:
1996   K. Hafner & M. Lyon Where Wizards stay up Late viii. 244   Because this growing conglomeration of networks [in the mid 1980s] was able to communicate using the TCP/IP protocols, the collection of networks gradually came to be called the ‘Internet’, borrowing the first word of ‘Internet Protocol’.
With internet traffic n. at Compounds 3   compare the following earlier use of internet   as an adjective in relation to connections between networks of computers (compare inter- prefix   and net n.1 7a):
1972   Urban Cable Syst. (Mitre Corporation) iv. 14   Traffic is expected to be primarily within each individual net, but some internet traffic will be accommodated.
Compare also the following (unrelated) much earlier use in relation to radio communications:
1925   Radio Operator: Instructors Guide: Pt. II (U.S. Army Training Man. No. 27) II. 77   Traffic between different nets is called internet traffic.
(In the late 1960s and early 1970s Internet was also found as the name of a brand of transistor radio in the U.K.)

 1. Originally (with lower-case initial): a computer network comprising or connecting a number of smaller networks, such as two or more local area networks connected by a shared communications protocol; an internetwork; spec. such a network (called ARPANET) operated by the United States Department of Defense. In later use (usually the internet): the global network comprising a loose confederation of interconnected networks using standardized communication protocols, which facilitates various information and communication systems such as the World Wide Web and email. Also: the resources accessible via this global network, esp. the World Wide Web. In early use usually attributive (see Compounds 1, Compounds 3).Sometimes shortened to the Net (see net n.1 7b).The ARPANET was established in 1969, and initially connected a number of universities, research organizations, and defence organizations. As standardized network protocols were developed, other networks were established using this same technology, which were subsequently connected to one another and to the ARPANET to form the modern global internet.Commercial and domestic use of the internet grew rapidly in the 1990s, at which time the World Wide Web (proposed in 1989 by Tim Berners-Lee) became its most widely recognized application (causing internet and World Wide Web to be frequently taken as synonymous).

1974   V. G. Cerf et al. Request for Comments (Network Working Group) (Electronic text) No. 675. 1 (title)    Specification of internet transmission control program.
1980   J. B. Postel in IEEE Trans. Communications Apr. 607/2   The IP is a datagram protocol. The collection of interconnected networks is called an internet. IP is the network protocol of the internet... To provide that type of end-to-end reliable ordered delivery of data the ARPA internet uses TCP.
1982   European Sci. Notes (Office of Naval Res.) 36 208/1   Each of the networks supports the DARPA transmission protocol as they are a part of the DARPA Internet.
1986   Network World (Nexis) 15 Sept. 21   The electronic mail net runs over Internet, an international network of networks operated by the Department of Defense.
1990   L. Wall & R. L. Schwartz Programming Perl vi. 260   Many of the services provided by servers running on the Internet are simply database engines.
1991   Profession (Mod. Lang. Assoc. Amer.) 42/2   Most machines on the Internet run the UNIX operating system and employ the sophisticated TCP/IP protocol, which supports remote log-ins and anonymous file-transfer protocols (FTPs).
1997   Times 5 Mar. (Interface section) 7/1   Most tourist services on the Internet can only provide text and picture data on places of interest.
2000   Dominion (Wellington) (Electronic ed.) 9 Feb.   His name has been published in American newspapers with a total circulation of 2.5 million and can be easily found on the Internet.
2004   Webactive 14 Oct. 67   When you connect to the internet or if you use a network, all traffic will be monitored and checked for suspicious and undesirable programs.
2013   N.Y. Rev. Bks. 7 Nov. 82/4   Anything the police do might be on the Internet within minutes and visible to uncountable numbers of virtual bystanders.

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 2. With the. The users of the internet considered collectively; (hence) preferences, characteristics, or attitudes of these users, attributed to the internet itself.

1995   N.Y. Times 16 Oct. d5/5   The Internet loves a winner, and so far Netscape is way ahead.
1996   St. Louis (Missouri) Post-Disp. (Nexis) 18 Feb. 2 d   That's the Internet's idea of free speech—anonymity for creeps and cowardly curs.
2004   Financial Times 24 May 10/1   No one in my neighborhood knows much about me but the internet knows everything.
2006   S. Allan Online News iii. 34   The Internet abhors consensus.
2009   Church Times 4 Dec. 14/1   Like elephants, the internet never forgets.

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  internet of things   n. a proposed development of the internet in which many everyday objects are embedded with microchips giving them network connectivity, allowing them to send and receive data.

2001   D. L. Brock Electronic Product Code (MIT Auto-ID White Paper WH-002) (Electronic text) i. 5   Our vision is to create a ‘Smart World’, that is, an intelligent infrastructure linking objects, information and people through the computer network... Our objective is to create open standards, protocols and languages to facilitate worldwide adoption of this network—forming the basis for a new 'Internet of Things'.
2007   Design 23 13   Bruce Sterling sings the praise of chipped products, which he sees as belonging to an ‘Internet of Things’.
2013   GigaOM (Nexis) 4 Apr.   We're going to have to think differently about programming devices for the internet of things.

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 C1. General attributive and objective, as internet access, internet company, internet connection, internet service, internet site, Internet user, etc.

1974Internet transmission control program [see sense 1].
1981   Electronics (Nexis) 16 June 171   Two internet servers connect five local networks for different departments of a company.
1993   Macworld Dec. 189/3   Syracuse University is sponsoring an experimental Internet service designed to improve the dissemination of government information.
1994   Daily Tel. 16 Nov. 2/8   For those without Internet access, the Telegraph will soon be offering for £25 an Internet connection via Demon Internet.
1997   Business Age Sept. 52/3   He also agreed a licence..to create an Internet site for the football club.
1999   Independent 8 Nov. (Media Plus section) 15/1   The saga was e-mailed out to the Internet community in Stockholm.
2001   R. Cellan-Jones Dot.bomb ii. 21   By the summer of 1997 he had spend two years writing a weekly column for the FT on internet business.
2007   Wall St. Jrnl. 12 Jan. c3/4   Internet companies..complained that consumers shouldn't be getting stale stock prices.
2011   E. Morozov Net Delusion viii. 239   Obama's uber-geeks tried to crowdsource the process of agenda setting and ask Internet users for questions they thought the administration should be answering.

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 C2. With past participles, forming adjectives, as internet-based, internet-connected, internet-driven, internet-related, etc.

1985   IEEE Trans. Software Engin. 11 1173/1   AR:PA Internet-based TELNET connections can sometimes run about twice as fast as PUP-based ones.
1987   Network World 23 Mar. 6/2   Efforts to develop..new transport protocols for managing transmissions between Internet-connected nets need to be coordinated.
1991   H. Rheingold Virtual Reality iii. ix. 198   Once a message gets to the nearest Internet-linked newsfeed, it is everywhere else in the Internet world more or less instantly.
1994   Financial Times 21 Nov. 15/5   By early next year there will be several telecommunications companies announcing that they provide Internet-related services.
2002   R. Menschel Markets, Mobs & Mayhem p. xix   Numbers tell..a..reassuring story about the stock market crash that followed the Internet-driven bubble.
2014   Vanity Fair Jan. 70/1   She has a track record of designing Internet-based products that people want to use.

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  internet access provider   n. = internet service provider n.; abbreviated IAP.

1992   Communications Week 24 Feb. 3/4   A Congressional subcommittee will hold hearings..in response to contentions from commercial Internet access providers.
1995   Internet World Aug. 77/3   If you don't know your Internet access provider's privacy policy.., ask about it instead of finding out the hard way.
2010   A. Murray Information Technol. Law i. ii. 30   Many subscribers..have a limited choice of perhaps only two or three (or even one) internet access providers.

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  internet addict   n. an enthusiastic, excessive, or compulsive user of the internet.

1992   Communications Week 30 Nov. 39/4   As an Internet ‘addict’ myself, I love to see real-life, everyday benefits to what is often viewed as another techie tool.
1999   Financial Times 17 May 21/7   The Roman Catholic church may be on the way to designating a patron saint for computer operators and internet addicts.
2002   Gaston (Gastonia, N. Carolina) Gaz. 5 Mar. 3 d/1   Internet addicts don't watch as much television as the digitally challenged.
2013   T. Bax Youth & Internet Addiction in China ii. 42   It is not at all clear whether the internet addict is psychologically sick or simply socially bad.

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  internet addiction   n. excessive or compulsive use of the internet; an instance of this; also attributive in Internet addiction disorder (originally humorous).

1994   Toronto Star 6 Mar. b4/4   Broadhead learned the hard way how expensive an Internet addiction can be.
1995   I. Goldberg Internet Addiction Support Group in sci.med (Usenet newsgroup) 16 Mar.   Internet Addiction Disorder (IAD)... A maladaptive pattern of Internet use, leading to clinically significant impairment or distress.
1999   ‘Eurydice’ Satyricon USA 240   Internet addiction disorder damages children's and teens' lives and costs adults their families, friendships and jobs.
2007   Times 26 Feb. 17/5   Giving someone with internet addiction disorder..free online access is rather like giving an alcoholic a job in a bar.
2012   A. R. Hochschild Outsourced Self iii. 66   Dr. Nagel also offers therapy on Internet addiction—by e-mail.

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  internet address   n. a string of characters which identifies a location on an internetwork; spec. a URL or a domain on the internet (see domain n. Additions).

1977   Computer Networks 1 178/1   Even if local nets do understand the internet address, requiring them to route internet packets based on the internet destination represents a significant additional burden.
1990   DEC Professional Feb. 84/3   Setting up the server for TCP/IP operations involves setting the server's internet address and subnet mask.
1994   Computer Weekly 10 Feb. 26/3   Today, not to have an Internet address makes you look a bit slow on the uptake.
2011   Independent 10 Dec. 49/1   The body in charge of internet addresses is no longer happy with its limited toy set of .coms and .nets.

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  internet appliance   n.  (a) a household appliance with connectivity to the internet;  (b) a lightweight, simple computer designed to provide easy access to the internet, typically lacking some of the power or functionality of a standard PC.

1990   Data Communications Internat. 1 Oct. 146/2   The toaster can be monitored and controlled like any other network device. To save time and effort, Romkey has joined forces with fellow Internet appliance networkers.
1995   Newsbytes (Nexis) 5 Feb.   Opening Day: prototype sketches of the Oracle Internet appliance.
2001   Australian (Nexis) 23 Jan. 44   Complementary products to the PC, such as personal digital assistants and internet appliances.
2010   N.Z. Herald (Nexis) 23 Feb.   With the iPad as an ‘internet appliance’.., barriers to entering the world of tech come down to price and bandwidth.

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  internet banking n. the use of banking services via the internet; cf. electronic banking n. at electronic adj. Compounds, online banking n. at online adj. and adv. Compounds.

1997   Independent 22 Jan. 18/1   With its dramatic cost advantages over traditional forms of branch and telephone banking, many analysts expect Internet banking to be the way of the future.
2010   A. Mitra Digital Security i. 25   Online shopping, Internet banking, and even Facebook require a user to provide a certain amount of private information.

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1994   PC Mag. 11 Oct. 164/1   Mosaic is..becoming the most widespread Internet browser (it already dominates the Unix Internet world).
2005   Billboard 12 Feb. 13 (advt.)    Simply type the web address below into your Internet browser.
2013   Sunday Times (Nexis) 1 Dec. 3   Google Chrome was found to be the most popular internet browser.

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  internet cafe   n. an establishment (originally and esp. one serving food and drink) with multiple computer terminals providing access to the internet, usually for a fee; = cybercafe n.In quot. 1993   as the title of a column offering readers an introduction to, and advice on using, the internet.

[1993   L. Ratzan in Wilson Libr. Bull. May 97   The Internet Cafe... Hello and welcome. This column will connect you to the internet in multiple ways... The internet universe is vast and there is much to explore.]
1994   Garden City (Kansas) Telegram 22 July 9/1 (caption)    Internet Cafe..Rogers Bar in Colorado Springs..has several hookups for laptop computers.
1994   Economist 8 Oct. 35/2   Last month, the country's first internet café was launched in London.
1998   P. Steele Censorship ii. 13/2 (capt.)    A cup of coffee and a chance to ‘surf’ attracts customers to an internet café.
2006   Guardian (Nexis) 4 Feb. 16   The kids have sat down in an internet cafe, have paid for the hour or half-hour, and their fingers fly over the keys.
2014   South China Morning Post (Hong Kong) (Nexis) 16 Feb. 7   Like most young people today, Zhang Kun has spent a lot of time hanging out at internet cafes.

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  internet-capable adj. (of a device, system, etc.) capable of connecting to the internet or providing access to it.

1993   M. E. Engle et al. Internet Connections i. 8   You will see in the section on TCP/IP that all Internet-capable computers use this protocol.
1999   Fiber Optics Weekly Update 3 Dec. 6/1   SDN systems now are converted to Internet-capable systems.
2014   Australian (Nexis) 27 Feb. 14   Internet-capable TVs were in an estimated 22 per cent of households.

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  internet chat room   n. a chat room accessed via the internet; see chat room n. at chat n.1 Additions.

1995   Amer. Journalism Rev. July 16/3   Many of those in attendance were Techs..the people who create alternative news wires, run Internet chat rooms,..and consult for the nation's largest corporations.
2001   C. Glazebrook Madolescents 84   I'm watching this programme on Channel 5 about people having cybersex in Internet chat rooms.
2013   Capital (Annapolis, Maryland) 22 Aug. a13/2   The person he met in an Internet chat room was an undercover agent.

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  internet connectivity   n. the fact of being connected to the internet; (also) the capacity or quality of such a connection.

1988   Merit Network News Oct. 8/1   NSFNET is already providing better Internet connectivity to Merit's users.
2002   Cigar Aficionado Jan. 107/2   A second Ultimate TV feature will continue to be a unique offering for the foreseeable future—built-in Internet connectivity.
2011   A. M. Bossler & T. J. Holt in K. Jaishankar Cyber Criminol. xviii. 336   Internet connectivity is related to socioeconomic factors such as race, income, and whether individuals live in rural areas.

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  internet dating   n. the use of services available on the internet to find romantic or sexual partners; frequently attributive, as Internet dating service, Internet dating site, etc.; cf. online dating n. at online adj. and adv. Compounds.

1993   Re: Nature of Skepticism in sci.skeptic (Usenet newsgroup) 14 Nov.   A discussion I once read on uk.misc where they were debating the possibility of an internet dating service.
1994   InformationWeek 7 Feb. 64/1   Five years ago, most people barely knew the Internet..existed. Now, you can't turn around without hearing about it. There's Internet dating. Internet campaigning [etc.].
1997   Sunday Mail (Glasgow) (Nexis) 16 Feb. 31   An ad on a sleazy Internet dating site asking complete strangers to contact the happily married housewife.
2005   Asiana Spring 116/1   The trick to Internet dating is to weed the losers from the potential partners by emailing each other for as long as possible before meeting up.
2013   J. Collins Power Trip xcix. 530   ‘I'm not staying,’ Elise said, winking saucily... ‘I'm having dinner with a very fine gentleman I met on an Internet dating site.’

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  internet-enabled adj. (of a device, system, etc.) capable of connecting to or making use of the internet; (originally also, of information) made available on the internet.

1993   Internet World Apr. 2   The value of Internet-enabled information is too great.
1995   Computerworld (Nexis) 1 Feb. 59   An Internet-enabled network from which end users can access local corporate data and outside Internet resources without having to know exactly where the information resides.
2000   Pop. Sci. May 32/1   Suites of networked, Internet-enabled kitchen appliances that can be controlled via wireless Web pads.
2012   Observer 15 Jan. 43/1   The emergence on the market of ‘smart’—that is, internet-enabled—television sets.

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  internet filtering   n. the systematic blocking of internet access to certain websites or certain types of data, typically employed by parents, employers, and government agencies; frequently attributive.

1995   Network Security July 8/1   In a joint effort to create an industry internet filtering standard, three software companies..have founded the Information Highway Parental Empowerment Group.
2005   Independent 16 Nov. 2/1   China's internet filtering system, the most sophisticated and extensive in the world according to a recent report.
2013   Moonee Valley (Austral.) Leader (Nexis) 19 Mar. 22   78 per cent of parents claim to control their children's computer use, yet just one in three has internet filtering in place.

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  internet forum   n. a facility on a computer network (now usually the internet) for users to share information or opinions on a particular topic, esp. a website dedicated to such discussion; cf. forum n. Additions.

1993   Amer. Libraries Apr. 295/3   The Q and A above is courtesy of the USENET Oracle, a determinedly tongue-in-cheek Internet forum.
2003   C. Lankshear & M. Knobel New Literacies vii. 230   She posted a very contrite apology for her actions to an internet forum.
2014   Daily Mail (Nexis) 3 Sept.   The videos emerged three days ago on niche Internet forums.

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  internet gateway   n. a device or interface for facilitating or enabling connection to the internet; see gateway n.1 Additions.

1976   V. G. Cerf ARPA Internetwork Protocols Project Status Rep. ii. 36   We have made very little progress in our attempts to specify experiments using internet gateways.
1997   Sunday Times 26 Oct. (Getting Wired Suppl.) 3/4   Modems have been transformed into high-speed Internet gateways that double as voice and fax machines.
2006   Computerworld 10 July 26/1   Spam and virus protection..installed at the organization's Internet gateway.

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  internet kiosk   n. a kiosk equipped with a computer or computers where users can access the internet or use an online self-service facility.

1994   Tampa (Florida) Tribune 21 Nov. (Business & Finance section) 13/3   The U.S. Postal Service plans to put Internet kiosks in its buildings so the public can access government agencies.
1995   Wall St. Jrnl. 2 Oct. a5/1   ‘There's an incredible gap in this country between people who are up on technology and people who don't know what's going on,’ says Mr. Benhamou, who plans to install Internet kiosks at the park to help narrow the differences.
2002   Evening Post (Bristol) (Nexis) 25 Apr. 12   Bus passengers in Bristol may, in future, use the city's internet kiosks to buy tickets and find out whether services are running on time.
2011   A. Simone You must go & Win 15   Conveniently, we found an internet kiosk right inside the station.

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  Internet Protocol n. a standard that specifies the format and addressing scheme of packets of data sent over the internet or similar networks; abbreviated IP.

1975   Distributed Computation & Tenex-Related Activities Feb. iii. 9   The prototype Internet protocol is so robust that these lost messages are always detected and retransmitted.
1997   Network World 20 Jan. 24/1   The Internet explosion now requires new functions that go beyond the capabilities of the current Internet Protocol.
2012   ReadWriteWeb (Nexis) 6 June   The transition from Internet Protocol v4 to v6..is the biggest infrastructure shift in the Internet since the network was founded.

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  internet provider   n. = internet service provider n.

1991   Business Wire (Nexis) 27 Mar.   The CIX agreement can be extended to other commercial Internet providers.
1995   N.Y. Times 21 Mar. c8/2   We may see a lot of defections to full-time Internet providers who offer flat-rate services.
1999   Which? Apr. 40/1   For fast internet use, you want a modem that can handle speeds of up to 56k and is V90-compatible (the international standard for modems that most internet providers support).
2008   L. Andrews Immunity xxx. 135   Whoever had sent the e-mail..knew enough to hack into an Internet provider and get an untraceable message out.

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  internet radio   n. audio programmes or channels which are made available via the internet, typically using streaming; the activity or industry associated with this.

1994   Associated Press (Nexis) 4 Jan.   The primary appeal of Internet radio now is for computer engineers working to develop the technology.
2002   Time Out N.Y. 9 May 170/1   Internet radio has been a blessing for music lovers.
2008   Media Week (Nexis) 13 Oct. 12   Internet radio's profit margins are not what they can be.

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  internet-ready adj. ready to utilize the internet; (now) spec. (of a computer device, system, etc.) designed or able to connect to the internet.

1991   Business Wire (Nexis) 10 Jan.   The Silicon Valley is a hot bed for Internet-ready research and development companies.
1994   .net Dec. 6/1   IBM, Microsoft and Apple's new Internet-ready operating systems.
2013   N. Giant E-Safety for i-Generation v. 33   Many young people have smartphones and other internet-ready devices.

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  Internet Relay Chat   n. a system allowing two or more users to send text messages to one another in real time; (also) the notional space in which such messaging takes place; abbreviated IRC.In quot. 1989: a program facilitating use of this system.

1989   Re: Multiparty, Real-time, Lightweight Sequenced Communications in comp.sources.d (Usenet newsgroup) 10 Feb.   I have recently got ahold of a program called irc (Internet Relay Chat).
1990   J. Reynolds & J. B. Postel Request for Comments (Network Working Group) (Electronic text) No. 1060. 12   IRC, Internet Relay Chat Protocol.
1996   Internet World June 104/1   I simply wanted to play Dungeons and Dragons..over the Internet. I figured that Internet Relay Chat..already was booming with adventures.
2011   Vanity Fair Apr. 176/1   Most members of Anonymous..are, appropriately enough, staying anonymous, hiding their I.P. addresses in Internet Relay Chat rooms.

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  internet search   n. a search for information on the internet; esp. a search using a particular string of words or characters entered into a search engine; cf. web search n. at web n. Compounds 4b.

1994   Newsbytes (Nexis) 22 Feb.   Users can also employ commercial services..to carry out Internet searches.
2003   E. P. Crampton & D. J. Boudreaux in A. D. Thierer & C. W. Crews Who rules Net? xiii. 370   Almost 80 percent of Internet searches are conducted using Google's engines.
2012   Herald-Times (Bloomington, Indiana) 27 Oct. d4/1   An Internet search turned up a mosquito look-alike known as a crane fly.

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  internet service provider   n. a company or other organization which provides access to the internet and related services; abbreviated ISP.

1990   Re: Dial Up Access to Internet Facilities in comp.protocols.tcp-ip (Usenet newsgroup) 1 June   Many regional internet service providers forbid ‘third party’ connections.
1991   Communications Daily (Nexis) 5 June 2   Weis said his organization is ‘just one of the many Internet service providers that are trying to help the research and educational communities’.
1996   Roswell (New Mexico) Daily Rec. 22 Nov. (Screens Mag.) 6/2   You receive your email address from your Internet Service Provider.
2000   Observer 21 May (Mag.) 9/2   Some of the sites..are thrown off servers when the Internet Service Providers hosting them realize what they are.
2011   S. N. Herman Taking Liberties vii. 132   There is little distinction between what an individual does at home and the information that individual shares with an Internet service provider.

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  internet shopping   n. shopping carried out on the internet; the ordering of goods and services via the internet; cf. home shopping n., online shopping n. at online adj. and adv. Compounds.

1994   Newsbytes (Nexis) 2 Dec.   MCI will have to make its Internet shopping attractive to women.
2004   W. A. Friedman Birth of Salesman x. 263   Internet shopping has..allowed retailers and manufacturers to collect information about an individual's credit-card debt, personal shopping tastes, sizes, and color preferences.
2013   Western Morning News (Nexis) 12 Dec. (Editorial section) 10   So much for the threat of big chain-stores with their free car parks and ease-of-use—but what about the increasing threat posed by Internet shopping?

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  internet startup   n. an internet business that is in the process of starting up; cf. start-up adj. 1.

1994   Inc. Mar. 37/2   ‘It's a huge, complicated ecology that's spreading like wildfire,’ notes Garrett Gruener of the venture-capital firm Burr, Egan, Deleage & Co., which recently backed an Internet start-up.
2002   J. Burnett Managing Business Crises 45   The company is an Internet startup,..and it specializes in locating first editions of great literature.
2011   Guardian 28 May 30/1   The area around Old Street, on the fringes of the City of London, has emerged as a magnet for internet startups to rival those in the US.

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  internet traffic   n. data transferred across an internetwork, esp. the internet; the quantity or flow of such data.

1977   Computer Networks 1 178/1   The ‘central office’ interconnection model..also allows simple local net routing of internet traffic.
1998   Independent 24 Nov. ii. 4/4   Internet traffic doubles every 100 days.
2004   H. Kunzru Transmission (2005) 144   Late in the afternoon a router went down, shutting off most of Boston's internet traffic for almost an hour.
2013   Guardian (Nexis) 22 June 1   Britain's spy agency GCHQ has secretly gained access to the network of cables which carry the world's phone calls and internet traffic.

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  internet worm   n. a computer worm (see worm n. Additions) able to spread between computers via the internet.

1988   U-M Computing News 28 Nov. 2/1   The ‘sendmail virus’, now also called the ‘Internet worm’, was first detected on U-M machines connected to the Internet at about 1.00 a.m. on Thursday.
2005   J. Edwards Telecosmos v. 123   Should a new Internet worm or virus be detected, multiple FPX devices can be immediately programmed to search for their signatures.
2012   Sunday Times (Nexis) 4 Mar. (Culture section) 49   On November 20, 2008, the most powerful internet worm yet dreamt up infected its first computer.

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