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pedagogy, n.

Brit. Hear pronunciation/ˈpɛdəɡɒdʒi/
Hear pronunciation/ˈpɛdəɡɒɡi/
U.S. Hear pronunciation/ˈpɛdəˌɡɑdʒi/
Forms:  1500s–1700s paedagogie, 1500s–1700s pedagogie, 1500s– pedagogy, 1600s– paedagogy. (Show Less)
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Origin: Of multiple origins. Partly a borrowing from French. Partly a borrowing from Latin. Etymons: French pédagogie; Latin paedagogia.
Etymology: Partly < Middle French, French pédagogie instruction, education (1495), and partly < post-classical Latin paedagogia school (1550 in a British source), teaching, education (a1560), college (a1575), both < ancient Greek παιδαγωγία   office of a pedagogue, teaching, training < παιδαγωγός  pedagogue n.   + -ία  -y suffix3. Compare classical Latin paedagōgium   training establishment for boys, pupils in such an establishment, school building, practice of teaching, in post-classical Latin also used of Christian teaching (c400), and its etymon ancient Greek παιδαγωγεῖον   room in a schoolhouse in which the attendant slaves waited for their boys, in Hellenistic Greek also school. Compare Spanish pedagogia   (1605). Compare earlier pedagogue n. 4.
N.E.D. (1904) also gives (-goudʒi) /-ɡəʊdʒɪ/ as the pronunciation of the second element.

 1. A place of instruction; a school, a college; a university. Also figurative. Now historical and rare.Frequently used between the 15th and 17th centuries as a name for the universities of Glasgow and St Andrews; also for the faculty of arts at both places.

1571   in A. Peterkin Bk. Universal Kirk of Scotl. I. 215   All [bursars] within the diocyes of Glasgow [etc.]..to study..within the Pedagogy of Glasgow.
a1631   J. Donne Serm. (1958) IX. 253   S. Paul was in a higher Pedagogy, and another manner of University..Caught up into the third heavens,..and there he learnt much.
a1712   G. Martine Reliquiæ Divi Andreae (1797) 238   He augmented the stipends of the professors in the paedagogie.
1783   W. F. Martyn Geogr. Mag. 2 151   An incredible number of colleges, gymnasia, pedagogies.
1895   H. Rashdall Univ. Europe in Middle Ages II. ii. 609   The poorest students could not afford the cost of residence in a Pædagogy.
1895   H. Rashdall Univ. Europe in Middle Ages II. ii. 611   The Proctors should go to the Colleges or Pædagogies of the offenders.
1919   J. E. H. Thomson Mem. T. Dunlop ii. 19   All that remained of the Rectory or Pedagogy, that in pre-Reformation days represented the later University.

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2. Instruction, discipline, training; a system of introductory training; a means of guidance. Obsolete.Used of the Jewish law (seen as the means by which people are guided to Christianity), chiefly in reference to Galatians 3:24. Cf. pedagogue n. 2.

1583   P. Stubbes Anat. Abuses sig. Cv   He would that this their meane & base attyre, should be as a rule, or pedagogie vnto vs.
1586   T. Bowes tr. P. de la Primaudaye French Acad. I. 596   The Ceremonial lawe was a Pedagogie of the Iewes.
1621   Raleigh's Hist. World (new ed.) i. ii. iv. §5. 228   The law of Moses..was..ordained to last vntill the time of the Pædagogie of Gods people, or introduction to Christ should bee expired.
1646   G. Gillespie Aarons Rod i. v. 52   This is not suitable to the infancy of the Jewish Church; for..they were bred under the paedagogy of the Law.
1703   W. Burkitt Expos. Notes New Test. Acts x. 2   Proselytes of the Covenant. That is, such Gentiles as submitted themselves to..the whole Mosaical pædagogy.
1713   Ess. Sacred Use Organs i. 9   Adjusted to the Legal Pedagogie.

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 3. The art, occupation, or practice of teaching. Also: the theory or principles of education; a method of teaching based on such a theory.

1623   H. Cockeram Eng. Dict. ii   Skoole-masters-ship, pedagogie.
1659   P. Heylyn Certamen Epistolare 334   Prince Charles..was committed to the Pedagogy of M. Thomas Murrey, a Scot by Nation.
1691   A. Wood Athenæ Oxonienses I. 219   He continued, notwithstanding in his beloved Faculty of Pedagogy.
1720   T. Caius Vindicæ Academiæ Oxoniensis I. 452   The said D. Thomas..obtained a comfortable Estate by the great paines he took in Pedagogie, and by the many (Soujounours) that he alwaies kept in his House.
1858   H. Bushnell Nature & Supernatural xii. 379   With disquisitions, theories, philosophies, pedagogies, schemes of reformation.
1880   Scribner's Monthly Feb. 527/2   Some will insist that these [Sunday-school] teachers shall give instruction according to the science of pedagogy, as now understood.
1900   G. C. Brodrick Mem. & Impr. 12   An excellent old-fashioned teacher blissfully ignorant of ‘pædagogy’.
1983   J. Barzun Stroll with W. James 281   Pedagogy..that derived from John Dewey, which has prevailed in American schools.
1993   OR/MS Today Aug. 17/2   Many universities and faculty members refuse to recognize the shift and change their curricula and pedagogy.

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This entry has been updated (OED Third Edition, September 2005; most recently modified version published online December 2020).