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My OED allows you to create a personalized OED account whether you have an individual or institutional subscription.

To set up your My OED account, click on Sign up and enter your full name and email address and create a password.

To sign into your My OED account, click on Sign in and enter your email address and password.

If you have forgotten your password, click on Forgot? then enter your email address and click Submit. A password reminder will be emailed to you.


Saving entries

My OED allows you to save entries that you have viewed from one session to the next.

To save an OED entry click Save.

A link to the saved entry will appear under Saved entries in the My Entries drop-down.

To view that entry, click on the headwork link. To manage your saved entries, click Manage saved entries.

Saving searches

My OED allows you to save the results of Advanced Searches and of Quick Searches which produce more than one result.

To save a set of search results click Save then give the search a name and click Submit.

A link to the saved search will appear under Saved in the My Searches drop-down.

To view the results of that search, click on the link. To manage your saved searches, click Manage saved searches.

Managing My OED

You can manage your saved entries and searches using the My OED page.

Select Most recent to view recently saved items, select Saved entries to view entries only, or select Saved searches to view searches only. Select My folders to view and manage folders.

You can select or deselect saved items by clicking the checkboxes or by clicking All or None.

You can delete selected items by clicking Delete.

You can refine saved Advanced searches by clicking Edit.

You can move selected items to a folder by selecting the folder name from the drop-down menu and clicking Copy to folder.

My folders

You can use folders to arrange your saved entries or searches as groups.

Click Add Folder to add a new folder.

Click Delete to delete a folder.

Click the folder name to rename the folder.

My preferences

You can use My preferences to set the following preferences:

  • Number of search results per page
  • Quotations expanded or contracted
  • Forms expanded or contracted
  • Etymology expanded or contracted

My account

You can alter the following details on the My account page:

  • Full name
  • Password

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