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Home page

This section describes the Home page in detail.

To get started with searching and browsing straight away, see:

 Quick start guide




Across the top of the screen is the Site header which contains links to administrative and information resources. These appear on every page.

  • Home returns you to the home page.
  • About links to information about Oxford English Dictionary.
  • What's New is information about current updates and developments.
  • Contact Us tells you how to contact customer services with your feedback.
  • Subscriber Services provides help and contact details for questions about your subscription, and account management facilities for library administrators.
  • Help opens these Help pages. When you click on this link, you will go to the section appropriate to the page you are on.
  • Log out ends your session.

You can always click on the OED Online logo to return to the home page.

Search panel

To look up a word, type it into the Search box and press Enter or click  .

Browse panel

The Browse panel is just below the search panel. You can browse the dictionary in a number of different ways. Click on any of the options to start browsing:





  Historical Thesaurus

Other resources

Your search history

Hover over for a list of the entries you have viewed most recently. Return to any of the entries on the list by selecting it.

Hover over for a list of the searches you have run so far. Select any of the searches in the list to view its results.

Word of the Day

The Word of the Day is displayed in the panel on the right. Click on it to view its dictionary entry.

To sign up for the Word of the Day RSS web feed, click . To sign up for the Word of the Day email click “Sign up for word of the day”.

Recently published

Recently published entries are listed below the Word of the Day. Click on an entry to view it in full.

Featured in …

Articles from the editors of the OED and other commentators.

More information on the Oxford English Dictionary:

 More about the OED »

Background information on the OED.

Contribute »

Make your own contribution to the OED.

Print edition »

Information on the print edition.

More from Oxford

Follow the links for information about other dictionaries available online from Oxford University Press.

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