From the second edition (1989):
well-being, vbl. n.
(ˌwɛlˈbiːɪŋ, older ˈwɛlˌbiːɪŋ) [Cf. F. bienêtre, mod.L. bene esse.
Occas. written without the hyphen, as one word or two.]

The state of being or doing well in life; happy, healthy, or prosperous condition; moral or physical welfare (of a person or community).

a1613 Overbury A Wife, etc. (1638) 46 Man did but the well-being of this life From Woman take; her Being she from Man. 1617 Woodall Surgeon's Mate (1639) Pref. 1 So many waies in use for the health and wel-being of man~kinde. 1646 J. Benbrigge Usura Acc. 8 The publicke-Weale wherein our owne Being, and Well-being are wrapped up. 1705 F. Fuller Med. Gymn. (ed. 2) 32 An erect Position is essential to the well being of the Body of Man. 1713 Berkeley Ess. Guardian xiv. Wks. III. 191 That behaviour which best suits with the common well-being. 1741 A. Monro Anat. of Nerves (ed. 3) 10 Circumstances‥necessary to the Being or Wellbeing of this or that particular Creature. 1756 C. Lucas Ess. Waters I. 168 Water‥is necessary to the well being of man in all ages. 1837 Lockhart Scott IV. iv. 121 That paternal solicitude for the well~being of his rural dependants. 1849 Cobden Sp. 56 High prices are incompatible with the well-being of this country. 1861 Lowell E Pluribus Unum Writ. 1890 V. 46 A living fact with a direct bearing on the national well-being. 1865 Pusey Truth Engl. Ch. 38 A body of faith,‥which to ‘know and believe’, essential to the well-being of all Christians. 1883 J. M. Fothergill Indigestion etc. 275 Most healthy persons feel‥a sense of well-being after a meal.

b. Satisfactory condition (of a thing).

1702 Calamy Abridgm. Baxter's Life & Times vii. 137 He says, That Imposition of Hands is‥a proper means necessary not to the Being, but the Well-being of Ordination. 1837 Dickens Pickw. xxii, His loudly-expressed anxiety at every stage, respecting the safety and well-being of the two bags, the leather hat-box, and the brown-paper parcel. 1849 Ruskin Sev. Lamps Introd. 4 The principles necessary to the well being of the art.

c. pl. (= individual instances of welfare).

a1672 Wilkins Nat. Relig. 207 He is the Author of our beings and our well-beings. 1714 J. Fortescue-Aland Pref. Fortescue's Abs. & Lim. Mon. 4 So that it may be said with Justice, that we owe our Beings to God, and under him our Well-beings to the Law.