From the second edition (1989):
‖varia lectio
(ˈvɛərɪa ˈlɛktɪəʊ) Pl. variae lectiones. [L., fem. of var-ius various a. + lectio reading: cf. lection.]

= various reading s.v. various a. 8d.

1652 N. Culverwel Light of Nature x. 81 'Tis some accurate piece that passes so many Criticks‥without any Variæ lectiones. 1871 [see Q = quarto 2 s.v. Q II. 2a]. 1969 R. Renehan Greek Textual Crit. 91 Some MSS have a varia lectio διακοιρανέοντα. 1980 Times 24 May 14/1 The Book Collector‥is the place to read‥about incunabula and‥variae lectiones.