From the second edition (1989):
(tɪ-, tɛˈlɛpəθɪ, ˈtɛlɪpæθɪ) [f. tele- + Gr. -πάθεια feeling, perception: see -pathy.]

‘The communication of impressions of any kind from one mind to another, independently of the recognised channels of sense’ (Myers Human Personality, Gloss.).

1882 Myers in Proc. Soc. Psychical Research I. ii. 147 We venture to introduce the words Telæsthesia and Telepathy to cover all cases of impression received at a distance without the normal operation of the recognised sense organs. 1888 Athenæum 18 Aug. 213/3 In‥after-dinner experiments‥telepathy, thought-reading, and hypnotism are trifled with as amusements. 1894 H. Drummond Ascent Man 234 Telepathy is theoretically the next stage in the Evolution of Language.

So telepath (ˈtɛlɪpæθ) n., teˈlepathist, an adept in, subject of, or believer in telepathy; ˈtelepath v., (a) trans. to convey or transmit by means of telepathy; (b) intr. to practise telepathy; telepaˈthetic (rare), teleˈpathic adjs., pertaining to, of the nature of, or effected by telepathy; teleˈpathically adv., in a telepathic manner, by means of telepathy; telepathize (ˈtɛlɪpəθaɪz, tɪˈlɛpəθaɪz) v., (a) trans. to communicate with or affect (a person) by telepathy; (b) intr. to practise telepathy; (c) trans., to discern by means of telepathy. rare.

1907 Westm. Gaz. 9 Feb. 3/2 There is a pleasant mystery about the origin of the 9-in. shell which startled Selsey the other day.‥ It looks as though the *telepaths would have to be called in to account for its origin. 1886 Sat. Rev. 4 Dec. 751/1 Whether spooks are *telepathed about‥by promiscuous persons, or whether the Thibetan Adepts go spooking astrally through the world. 1891 Review of Rev. 15 Oct. 347/2 As soon as a man begins to speculate as to how he telepaths, he loses the power of telepathing. 1895 Edin. Rev. Jan. 93 It may be that these communications have really been ‘telepathed’ from some living mind. 1892 Sat. Rev. 6 Aug. 157/1 Was there, then, some ‘communication’ of a ‘*telepathetic’ sort? 1949 Koestler Insight & Outlook ix. 119 The functional interactions of hypnotic and telepathetic rapports. 1884 Gurney & Myers in 19th Century May 800 We hope to show that the lowest *telepathic manifestations may be used to explain and corroborate the highest. 1903 Myers Human Personality II. p. xv, Telepathic intercourse, if carried far enough, corresponds to possession or to ecstasy. 1884 —— in Proc. Soc. Psychical Research vii. 219 Drawing a picture which he feels to be *telepathically presented to his mind's eye. 1886 Gurney, etc. Phantasms of Living I. 111 His aspect‥is telepathically perceived. 1894 Westm. Gaz. 12 Sept. 3/3 Knowing myself now to be a *telepathist,‥I look with regret to the many opportunities I have missed. 1900 Pall Mall G. 31 Oct. 3 Mr. Andrew Lang discourses‥of three female professors of telepathy, concluding that Joan of Arc was a true telepathist. 1895 in Funk's Stand. Dict. 1919 E. H. Jones Road to En-dor xi. 115 He had put me on parole‥not to telepathize with the good folk of Yozgad. 1941 Mind L. 315 But this just is telepathy except that you have made the provision that it shall be done by having the same sensation as the person one telepathises. 1954 ‘J. Christopher’ 22nd Cent. 145 Did they telepathize our coming and retreat to some more civilized solar system? 1963 Jrnl. Soc. for Psychical Res. XLII. 33, I have examined a subject telepathized in this way and questioned him. 1980 R. L. C. Fitz Gibbon Rat Report ii. 38 If the rat had telepathized once, then perhaps it would again.