From the second edition (1989):
sur-, prefix

a. (O)F. sur-, earlier sour-, sor-, soure- (repr. L. super), used in various senses of super-, as in surcharger to burden excessively, overburden, surcharge, surcot upper coat, surcoat, surnom additional name, surname, surpasser to pass beyond, surpass, surseoir (:—L. supersedēre to supersede) to suspend, delay (cf. surcease), survivre to live beyond, survive. As a living suffix, sur- is or has been used in a few compounds, chiefly (a) nonce-words formed after existing words, as †surburdened [after surcharged], †surgirdle [after surcingle]; esp. after the legal terms surrebutter, surrejoinder, q.v., as surrebend, surrebribe, †surrecompounded, †surrecountermand vbs., †surregaining; (b) variants of technical terms compounded with super- or supra-, as surˈciliary = superciliary, surocˈcipital = superoccipital, suˈrrenal = suprarenal; also surˈanal a. Zool. = supra-anal adj. s.v. supra- 1b; also as n., a suranal plate; †suraˈnnation = superannuation; †ˌsur-azoˈtation Chem. = superazotation in super- 12a; †surclose, ? a final close; †sur-ˈclouded pa. pple., shaded from above; †surˈcontract, a contract following upon a previous contract; surˈcurrent a. Bot., ‘the opposite of decurrent; when a leafy expansion runs up the stem’ (Treas. Bot. 1866); †surˈfeoff v. [after med.L. super(af)feudare] trans., to invest (a person) with an estate which one already holds from another (cf. super(in)feudation in super- 13); †surflux, overflow, flood; surˈhuman a. Lit. = superhuman a. (cf. F. surhumain); sur-inˈvest v. trans., to provide with outer clothing; †surˈmatch v. trans., to excel, surpass; †surˈpay v. trans., to more than compensate for; surpreciˈation, enhancement of price or value; †surreˈbound v., to echo repeatedly; †surˈsaturated a. Chem. = supersaturated; †surˈstretching ppl. a., extending far; surˈstyle v. trans., = surname v.

1906 J. B. Smith Explan. Terms Entomol. 135 *Suranal, supra-anal. 1925 A. D. Imms Gen. Textbk. Entomol. 41 The tergum of the last segment, whatever its numerical designation may be, is frequently referred to as the suranal plate or pygidium. 1962 D. Nichols Echinoderms v. 66 In the urchin immediately after metamorphosis the whole of the aboral surface is covered by an apical disk of plates, consisting of a central suranal, through which the anus opens, a ring of five basals, [etc.]. 1656 Blount Glossogr., *Surannation‥a growing old, stale or above a years date. 1802 Med. Jrnl. VIII. 534 Their different degree of virulence depends on the different degree of *sur-azotation. 1577 Harrison England i. iii. 3/2 in Holinshed, They were not now able to remooue the importable loade of the Normanes from our *surburdened shoulders. 1874 Dawkins Cave Hunt. vi. 219 The *surciliary ridges are strongly marked. 1589 Puttenham Engl. Poesie iii. xix. (Arb.) 225 The Epigrammatist will vse to conclude‥his Epigram with a verse or two, spoken in such sort, as it may seeme a manner of allowance to all the premisses, and that with a ioyfull approbation, which the Latines call Acclamatio, we therefore call this figure the *sur~cloze or consenting close. 1632 Lithgow Trav. x. 494 This Ile of Arrane is‥*sur-clouded with Goatfield Hill. 1584 Leycesters Commw. (1641) 30 Hee will alwayes yet keepe a voyd place for a new *surcontract with any other. c1482 in Cal. Proc. Chanc. Q. Eliz. (1830) II. Pref. 70 Affermyng that the same Piers Bank shuld have *surfeffed the same Robert Scrop of trust in divers parcells of londes. 1660 F. Brooke tr. Le Blanc's Trav. 217 The *surfluxes and inundations which fertilize all Egypt. 1483 Cath. Angl. 372/1 A *Surgyrdylle,‥succingula. 1933 T. E. Lawrence Let. 1 Aug. (1938) 773 He takes figures of to-day and projects their shadows on to clouds, till they grow *surhuman and grotesque. 1952 E. Pound Personae 56 Beauty That seems to be some quivering splendour cast By the immortal nature on this quicksand And by surhuman fates. 1819 W. Tennant Papistry Storm'd (1827) 95 The plumes, that *sur-invest her skin. 1636 Montgomerie's Cherrie & Slae 76 (Wreittoun's ed.), Poets‥Whose Muse *surmatches mine. 1848 Owen Homol. Vertebr. Skel. 146 His recognition of the ‘*suroccipital’ in both mammals. 1603 Florio Montaigne iii. v. 529 One ill kisse doth *surpay [orig. surpaye] one good. 1884 Manch. Exam. 1 Nov. 5/2 The tendency to *surpreciation in the value of gold as compared with other commodities. 1893 H. M. Doughty Our Wherry 63 We‥unravelled the bends and rebends and *surrebends of the Geeste. c1611 Chapman Iliad xxi. 361 Earth resounded; and great heauen, about did *surrebound. 1849 De Quincey Eng. Mail Coach i. Wks. 1862 IV. 294 This whole corporation was constantly bribed, rebribed, and often *sur-rebribed. 1683 Tryon Way to Health 536 All their Regiments of Compounded, Recompounded, Decompounded and *Surrecompounded Medicines. 1570 Foxe A. & M. (ed. 2) I. 121/2 Sabinus‥had geuen forth his letters, rehearsing withal the generall recountermaunde.‥ Last of al now he sendeth downe ageyne an other *Surrecountermaund. 1611 Speed Hist. Gt. Brit. ix. x. §28 The Castle of Dunbarre‥was re-gained by the Scots: for recouery, or *sur-re-gaining whereof, the King sent Iohn Earle of Surrey. 1844 Hoblyn Dict. Terms Med. (ed. 2), *Surrenal [misdefined]. 1806 G. Adams' Nat. & Exp. Philos. (Philad.) I. App. 532 The epithet *sur-saturated, or the preposition sub is prefixed when the base of the salt is in excess. a1560 T. Phaer Æneid ix. Cciij, Their heads to heauen they lift‥and hie *sur~stretchyng skies they check. 1632 Lithgow Trav. x. 498 The delectable planure of Murray‥may be *surstyled, a second Lombardy. a1661 Fuller Worthies, Somersetshire iii. (1662) 27 Gildas, sirnamed the Wise‥was eight years junior to another Gildas called Albanius.‥ He was also otherwise sur-stiled, Querulus.