From the second edition (1989):
†noncuple, a. and n.
[f. L. nōnus ninth + -uple as in quadruple, with c inserted on the analogy of decuple.]

A. adj. Ninefold. noncuple to: nine times as great as. B. n. A quantity nine times as great as another.

1557 Recorde Whetst. Eiijb, 36 vnto 4 is a noncuple proportion. 1570 Billingsley Euclid xvi. prop. 30. 454 To proue that a trilater equilater Pyramis, is noncuple to a cube inscribed in it. 1674 Petty Disc. Dupl. Proportion 22 A quadruple Sail is requisite to double Swiftness, and noncuple to treble. 1674 S. Jeake Arith. (1696) 182 Both triples added together‥make the proportion or amounting Ratio Noncuple, or ninefold. 1690 Leybourn Curs. Math. 181 And so on to the ninth and last [row], in which you shall find the noncuple of the number given.

Hence †noncupliˈcation, multiplication by nine.

1674 S. Jeake Arith. (1696) 25 Noncuplication, or to multiply by 9.