From the second edition (1989):
crochet, n.
(ˈkrəʊʃeɪ, ˈkrəʊʃɪ) [F. crochet, dim. of croche, croc hook.]

1. A kind of knitting done with a hooked needle; material so made.

1848 Clough Bothie i. 42 A shirt as of crochet of women. 1879 E. Garrett House by Works II. 39 Sundry trifles of simple cambric or crochet with which to brighten her worn, plain gowns.

2. attrib. and Comb., as crochet-cotton, crochet edging, crochet-hook, crochet-lace, crochet-needle, crochet-pin, crochet-sampler, crochet-type (see quot.), crochet-work.

1846 C. Mee Crochet Expl. & Illustr. 2nd Ser. 151 Three reels of No. 12 *crochet cotton will be sufficient. 1873 Young Englishwoman Feb. 91/1 Work with crochet cotton No. 30 in a chain the required length. 1849 Family Friend I. 78/2 The Penelope *Crochet Hook is invented by Mrs. Warren. 1860 Ladies' Companion 37 A coarse Crochet Hook. 1881 Instr. Census Clerks (1885) 44 Crochet Hook Maker. 1849 R. T. Claridge Cold Water Cure 130 A *crochet-needle was, by accident, driven into the side of a young lady. 1909 Daily Chron. 8 Dec. 9/2 By putting the *crochet-pin into the upper half of the stitch. 1848 F. Lambert (title), My *Crochet Sampler. 1874 Knight Dict. Mech., *Crochet-type, type with fancy faces, to set up in imitation of lace, crochet, or worsted work. 1856 Mrs. Browning Aur. Leigh 38 And should I sit down to the *crochet work?