From the second edition (1989):
(bɛə(r)) Also bher, bir. [Hindi.]

The Chinese date or jujube (genus Zizyphus). Also attrib., as ber-fruit, ber-tree.

1860 in H. F. C. Cleghorn Forests & Gardens S. India (1861) 60 The bér tree (Zizyphus jujuba) is approved for saddletrees. 1861 —— Ibid. 244 The wild bèr tree, common almost everywhere. Ibid. 281 The Ber-fruit tree‥is used for native sandals. 1874 Stewart & Brandis Forest Flora India 87 All Bër trees of North and Central India. 1886 Yule & Burnell Hobson-Jobson, Bear-tree, Bair, &c. 1887 C. A. Moloney Forestry W. Afr. 299 Jujube or Ber Tree. 1895 B. M. Croker Village Tales (1896) 22 The sahibs shall sit above in the old bher tree. 1908 New Reformer I. 414 The Zezyphus Jujuba, the Bir universally known in India. 1924 Blackw. Mag. Oct. 478/1 Thickets of ber and acacias. 1925 Ibid. Jan. 66/2 These [bears] had fallen out to-night over their supper of ber-fruit. 1969 Hindu 28 July 6/5 The most striking thing about cuscuta is that it is notoriously partial to ber.