From the second edition (1989):

in Anat. combining form of L. āla wing (as in aliform, aliped, alisphenoid, etc.) denoting ‘pertaining to the “wings” or lateral expansions’ of certain parts, as aliˈethmoid a., pertaining to the lateral expansions of the ethmoid bone of certain birds; also aliethˈmoidal a.; aliˈnasal a., pertaining to the lateral parts of the nostrils; aliˈseptal a., pertaining to a cartilaginous partition in the nasal passage of the embryo of a bird; also as ns.

1869 W. K. Parker in Philos. Trans. R. Soc. CLIX. 759 The rudiments of the ‘aliethmoidal’ and ‘aliseptal’ cartilages of the nasal labyrinth. Ibid. 800 The roots of the cartilaginous aliethmoid. Ibid. 780 The alinasal fold. Ibid. 798 The alinasals give rise to the nasal turbinal.