From the second edition (1989):
accent, v.
(ækˈsɛnt) [a. Fr. accente-r, OFr. acenter, f. accent n.]

1. To pronounce, utter, or distinguish with accent or stress, to lay the vocal stress upon; to emphasize.

1530 Palsgr. 415 I can nat accent aryght in the latyn tonge. 1589 Puttenham Eng. Poesie ii. xiii. 110 Gŏd graūnt thĭs peāce măy lōng ĕndūre—Where the sharpe accent falles more tunably vpon [graunt] [peace] [long] [dure] then it would by conuersion, as to accent them thus: Gōd graŭnt-thīs peăce-māy lŏng-ēndūre. 1790 Blair Rhetoric I. ix. 225 In Greek and Latin, no word is accented farther back than the third syllable from the end. 1795 Mason Ch. Music Wks. 1811 III. 291 For the preservation of this Rhythm in Music it is necessary that at least one note in every bar should be accented. 1868 Pall Mall G. 23 July 4 The probability is‥in favour of these words having been accented in his [Milton's] day as they now are.

2. To mark with a (written) accent.

Mod. He accented his exercise very carelessly, making more than twenty mistakes.

3. To pronounce, utter, intone.

a1639 Wotton (J.) And now congeal'd with grief, can scarce implore Strength to accent, Here my Albertus lies! 1656 W. Coles Art of Simpling 93 The warbling notes, which the charming birds accent forth from amongst the murmuring leaves. 1816 Scott Old Mort. xv. (1830) II. 116 These solemn sounds, accented by a thousand voices, were prolonged among the waste hills.

4. fig. To mark emphatically or distinctly; to heighten, sharpen, or intensify; to make conspicuous.

1655 W. Gurnall Christian in Arm. i. 67 The remembrance of his sin in hell thus accented will adde to his torment. 1725 Wodrow Corr. (1843) III. 207, I were an ungrateful wretch, if this royal favour did not quicken and accent my concern in them. 1876 M. E. Braddon J. Haggard's Dau. II. 10 ‘Of course I'm not eluding to ladies like you,’ said the farmer‥accenting his speech by a slap on Priscilla's spare shoulder. 1877 R. J. King in Academy 3 Nov. 438/2 The great piers, of Doulting stone, are accented at the cardinal points by shafts of dark lias.