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Farsi, n. and adj.

Pronunciation:  Brit. /ˈfɑːsiː/ , /ˌfɑːˈsi/ , U.S. /ˈfɑrsi/
Forms:  Also Fārsī, Farsee.(Show Less)
Etymology:  < Persian, < Fārs  , the Arabic name for the region of Pars   in Iran: see Parsee n. and adj.   and Persian n. and adj.
 A. n.

 1. = Parsee n. 2.

1878   Chambers's Encycl. VI. 426/1   The transition from the ancient to the modern Persian is formed by the Parsee, or, as the Arabs call it, Farsi, in use from 700 to 1100 A.D.
1951   N. B. Jopson Persian Lang. 8   In the old province of Fars, where Fārsī (or Pārsī), the language of Persia, originated.

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 2. The Persian (and subsequently the Iranian) name for the modern Persian language; cf. Persian n. 2.

1926   Chambers's Encycl. VIII. 39/1   The present or modern Persian (which is invariably called Farsi by the modern Persians).
1962   Whitaker's Almanack 907   Persian, or Farsi, the language of Iran, and of some other areas formerly under Persian rule, is an Indo-European tongue with many Arabic elements added.
1980   Times Lit. Suppl. 5 Sept. 972/4   The disgusting state of the walls of the London Underground stations, defaced by slogans in Farsee or Arabic characters.
1984   Bull. Brit. Soc. Middle Eastern Stud. 11 123   It may still not be too late to put an end to the grotesque affectation of applying the name ‘Farsi’ to the language which for more than five hundred years has been known to English-speakers as Persian.
2007   Farsi (Living Lang.) p. xi,   The dialogue..serves the double purpose of allowing you to read and hear natural Farsi at work and teaching you about Farsi culture as well.

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 B. adj.

  Of or relating to this language.

1979   Observer 25 Nov. 5/5   One of the aides is the Press Secretary, who presents Farsi translations..of British Press reports.
2007   Farsi (Living Lang.) p. xi,   Each lesson contains a number of notes on particular aspects of Farsi grammar.

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