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† cock-ale, n.


  Ale mixed with the jelly or minced meat of a boiled cock, besides other ingredients.

a1665   K. Digby Closet Opened (1669) 174   To make Cock-Ale. Take eight Gallons of Ale; take a Cock and boil him well.
1675   Woman turn'd Bully   Did you ever taste our cock-ale?
1710   T. Fuller Pharmacopœia Extemporanea 15   Pectoral Ale..may be made Cock-Ale, by adding a Cock parboil'd, bruis'd and cut into pieces.
1743   W. Ellis London & Country Brewer (ed. 2) III. 194   Cock-Ale [full directions].

a1665—1743(Hide quotations)


This entry has not yet been fully updated (first published 1891).