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vorlage, n.

Frequency (in current use): 
Etymology: < German (both senses). Compare German vorlegen to lean forward.

 a. Skiing. (see quot. 1939.)

1939   Webster's New Internat. Dict. Eng. Lang. Add.   Vorlage... A position in which one leans forward from the ankles without lifting the heels from the skis, keeping the body, as a rule, at least perpendicular to the slope.
1959   H. Lantschner Ski-ing for Beginners 89   One must..have the necessary Vorlage to take the weight off the skis when necessary.

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 b. In plural. Skiing trousers. Also vorlagers.

1958   Vogue Jan. 1 (advt.)    The Winter Sports Shop..has everything for the skier:..Luis Ebster designs and cuts the vorlages.
1958   Vogue Jan. 35/1 (caption)    Tattersall checks of black and caramel match caramel vorlagers.
1961   Times 27 Nov. 13/2   ‘Tailormade’ vorlagers in a large range of sizes.
1963   C. Glyn Don't knock Corners Off xxii. 184   Our beanies, vorlages, ankle-length tomato coloured pants.

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 2. An original version of a manuscript or a book from which a copy is produced.

1965   K. Malone in J. B. Bessinger & R. P. Creed Medieval & Linguistic Stud. 120   I conceive that our scribe copied as heol the hleo of his vorlage.
1975   Times Lit. Suppl. 25 Apr. 462/4   This was first published in a French translation..in 1930 and was not followed by the Amharic original till more than thirty-five years later... More than one Amharic original was in existence, and the published text was not the Vorlage used for the 1930 French edition.

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