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vicinage, n.

Forms:  Also ME vesinage, 16 vicenage, visinage.(Show Less)
Etymology:  < Old French visenage (visnage  ), vicenage, or voisinage (see voisinage n.), with assimilation of the stem to the original Latin vīcīnus  : compare vicinity n.

 a. A number of places lying near to each other taken collectively; an area extending to a limited distance round a particular spot; a neighbourhood.Usu. with the, this, or similar word, but occasionally with a or in pl.

a1325   Statutes of Realm in MS Rawl. B.520 f. 54v,   Somune þoru gode somunse .xii. fre men ant trewe of uesinage of .N.
1552   R. Huloet Abcedarium Anglico Latinum   Vicinage, vicinia, uicinetum.
1655   T. Fuller Church-hist. Brit. ii. 136   King Ethelred..began the tryal of Causes by a Jury of twelve men to be chosen out of the Vicenage.
1685   in Verney Mem. (1907) II. 376   All our most able and Eminent Doctors of this Vicinage.
c1700   J. Pomfret Poet. Wks. (1833) 37   Adam by an injured Maker driven From Eden's groves, the vicinage of Heaven.
1777   W. Dalrymple Trav. Spain & Portugal cxx,   The regiments are..recruited from the vicinage.
1791   E. Burke Appeal Whigs 37   The Metropolis and its Vicinage.
1808   C. Vancouver Gen. View Agric. Devon v. 216   All such other parts of the district as at this time are..open to all the inhabitants of the vicinage.
a1853   W. Jay Autobiogr. (1854) iv. 37   So it was with the vicinages all around Marlborough.
1868   B. J. Lossing Hudson 1   The agricultural and mineral treasures of its vicinage.

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 b. Freq. in the phrase in the (also, this, our, etc.) vicinage .

1638   R. Baker tr. J. L. G. de Balzac New Epist. II. 182,   I am afraid of a Potgunne or a Squibbe; farre from running upon Muskets and Swords points as they say in our Vicinage.
a1661   T. Fuller Worthies (1662) Yorks. 187   No less than twenty thousand Pounds worth of this Coarse Commodity [i.e. lime] is yearly made, and vended in the Vicinage.
1676   Doctr. of Devils 92   Until he have gotten the favour and blessing of all the Witches in the Vicinage, yea in the Hemisphere.
1747   S. Richardson Clarissa I. xxxiv. 230   She is the only flower of fragrance, that has blown in this vicinage for ten years past.
1791   H. Walpole Let. to Misses Berry 11 Sept. (1840) VI. 455   The French ladies in my vicinage.
1814   Scott Waverley I. x. 129   He had lived in retirement, conversing almost entirely with those of his own principles in the vicinage.
1861   A. Beresford-Hope Eng. Cathedral of 19th Cent. viii. 274   The..recommendation of a sufficient population in the vicinage.
1883   Manch. Examiner 3 Oct. 5/4   People in the vicinage..were not in a mood to regard it as a gratuitous picturesque display.
1649   Bp. J. Taylor Great Exemplar v. §24   That soul that..invites an enemy to view its possessions and live in the vicinage, loves the sin itself.

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 c. transf. The people living in a certain district or neighbourhood.

1647   N. Bacon Hist. Disc. Govt. 262   Barrons shall be amerced by their Peeres, others by the vicinage.
1672   H. Stubbe Rosemary & Bayes 17,   I could wish they would not disturb the visinage with declamations against Mr. Calvin.
1796   E. Burke 2 Lett. Peace Regicide Directory of France i. 115   Where there is no constituted judge,..the vicinage itself is the natural judge.
1821   W. Cobbett Rural Rides in Cobbett's Weekly Polit. Reg. 8 Dec. 1394   Relying, for influence, not upon the good will of the vicinage, but upon the dread of their power.
1836   Ld. Cockburn Jrnl. 29 June (1874) I. iv. 122   Towns and their rustic vicinages are agitating against this measure.
1862   J. Thrupp Anglo-Saxon Home 269   The vicinage applied..to the bishop for leave to dig up the body and burn it.

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 2. The fact of being or living close to another or others; nearness, proximity:

 a. Of persons; spec. in Law as entitling to certain rights of common.

1598   J. Marston Scourge of Villanie i. iii. 182   Ile winke at Robrus, that for vicinage Enters common, on his next neighbors stage.
1602   W. Fulbecke Parallele or Conf. Law i. 14   If I prescribe to haue common because of vicinage in such a village.
1626   S. Daniel Coll. Hist. Eng. in Wks. (Grosart) IV. 101   By reason of the vicinage, and innumerous populacie of that Nation.
1679   J. Goodman Penit. Pardoned (1713) i. ii. 30   As if his father's presence or vicinage would put too great a restraint upon him.
1766   W. Blackstone Comm. Laws Eng. II. 33   Common because of vicinage, or neighbourhood, is where the inhabitants of two townships, which lie contiguous to each other, have usually intercommoned with one another.
1823   W. Cobbett Rural Rides in Cobbett's Weekly Polit. Reg. 13 Sept. 656   The tarred, and trowsered, and blue-and-buff crew whose very vicinage I always detest.
1830   J. Mackintosh Partition of Poland in Wks. (1846) II. 338   In a declaration delivered at Warsaw, Catherine declared, that she did nothing but in virtue of the right of vicinage, acknowledged by all nations.
1891   J. Winsor Columbus xvi. 357   St. Augustine, St. Basil, and St. Ambrose had placed the Garden of Eden far in the Old World's east, apart from the common vicinage of men.

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 b. Of things or places.

1686   J. Goad Astro-meteorologica i. ix. 34,   I began to guess the Reason of its Activity, as borrowed from the vicinage of the warmer Corpuscles.
1696   W. Whiston New Theory of Earth (1722) iv. 356   The particular Prerogatives..do not entirely depend on..the Vicinage of the Central Heat.
1826   W. Cobbett Poor Man's Friend ii,   Are they, now, to complain, if the vicinage of these same works causes a charge of rates there?
1844   B. Disraeli Coningsby III. vi. ii. 11   The common white pottery..will not bear vicinage to a brisk kitchen fire for half an hour.
1880   Scribner's Monthly Mar. 660/2   The vicinage of the traveling studio was an occasion and a pretext for unprecedented larks.

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 3. in the vicinage of, near or contiguous to, in the neighbourhood of. Cf. vicinity n. 4.

1784   H. Cowley Bold Stroke for Husband (rev. ed.) v. ii. 69   In the vicinage of Rosalva, bounded on the west by the river.
1789   Trans. Soc. Arts (ed. 2) 1 151   If I had had any in the vicinage of my plantation.
1812   J. J. Henry Campaign against Quebec 99   The Canadians in the vicinage of Quebec lived as comfortably.
1830   G. Croly George IV 412   The length of canal navigation in the vicinage of London.
1852   H. Rogers Eclipse of Faith 151   They had become a centre and a source..of moral pestilence, in the vicinage of which it was unsafe for men to dwell.

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