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Augustine, adj. and n.

Forms:  lME–15 Augustyn, lME– Augustine, 15 Augustyne, 15 (Sc.) 16–17 19– Augustin; also Sc. pre-17 Augustene. (Show Less)
Frequency (in current use): 
Origin: Of multiple origins. Partly a borrowing from French. Partly from a proper name. Etymons: French augustyn; proper name Augustinus.
Etymology: < (i) Anglo-Norman augustyn, Middle French, French augustin (noun) Augustinian canon, friar, or nun (14th cent.), (adjective) of or relating to St Augustine (18th cent.),
and its etymon (ii) post-classical Latin Augustinus, name of St Augustine of Hippo (354–430).
Compare earlier Austin adj.   and Austin n.
With friar Augustine   (in early uses at sense A. 1) compare post-classical Latin frater Augustinensis, frater Augustiniensis (frequently from 14th cent. in British sources).
With use as noun compare post-classical Latin Augustiniensis member of the monastic order of St Augustine (14th cent. in British sources; a1536 in Erasmus).
 A. adj.

 1. Designating any of various religious orders deriving their rule from the writings of St Augustine of Hippo; of, relating to, or belonging to any of these orders; = Augustinian adj.1 1.In early use sometimes as postmodifier.

1443   in J. Raine Testamenta Eboracensia (1855) II. 131   I bequethe to the Frere Augustines of Leycestre..xx s.
a1464   J. Capgrave Abbreuiacion of Cron. (Cambr. Gg.4.12) (1983) 191   A frere Augustyn..felle in þe secte of Wiclefistis.
c1503   R. Arnold Chron. f. xxviv/1   The nombre and the names of the perishe chirches and of alle odur chirches within london and the suberbis..The friers augustines.
1530   J. Palsgrave Lesclarcissement 706/1   I wyll shrive me this lente at the Augustyne fryres, for there is pardon.
1560   J. Daus tr. J. Sleidane Commentaries f. i   The same time was Martin Luther an Augustine Frere, and professed diuinitie in the Vniuersitie of Wittemberge.
1631   J. Weever Anc. Funerall Monuments 748   Here [sc. at Butley] sometime stood a Priory of blacke Canons Augustines, founded by Raph de Glanvile.
1683   J. Bulteel tr. F. E. de Mézeray Gen. Chronol. Hist. France i. 342   The other was an Augustine Monk, then Arch-Bishop of Bourges.
1694   J. Strype Memorials T. Cranmer i. ix. 37   George Brown, D. D. Provincial of the Order of Friars Augustin in the city of London.
a1771   T. Martin Hist. Thetford (1779) xiv. 174   Their monastery was dedicated to the Holy Sepulchre for Augustine monks.
1850   A. Jameson Legends Monastic Orders 210   The day and hour on which he pronounced his vows as an Augustine Friar.
1871   T. A. Bullock Hist. Mod. Europe (rev. ed.) iv. 27   The Augustine Monastery at Erfurth.
1903   P. T. Gilbert Great White Tribe Filipinia iv. 51   Not till the expedition of Legaspi and the Augustine monks visited the shores of the Viscayan islands were the natives subjugated.
1976   Israel Explor. Jrnl. 26 87   This Augustine monastery, one of the largest in the Holy Land, owned vast estates in Palestine and abroad.
2010   Sunday Tribune (S. Afr.) (Nexis) 25 July (Tribune Herald Suppl.) 4   Christina attended St Philomena's Primary School, run by the Augustine nuns.

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 2. More generally: of or relating to St Augustine of Hippo; = Augustinian adj.1 2.In some instances simple attributive use of the name Augustine may be intended.

1742   Gentleman's Mag. July 380/2   To th' Augustine cave our way we sped. [Note] St Augustine's cave is a cell form'd of moss [etc.].
1811   Monthly Mag. June 414/1   Dr. Warburton thinks..that this was intended as a ridicule on the Augustine manner of defining free will in the schools.
1832   Encycl. Americana XI. 246/2   Scotus declared himself opposed to the strict Augustine doctrines of grace defended by Thomas.
1973   Salmagundi Fall 8   The Augustine sense of the human condition is crystallized not in the holy mountain of God..but in The City of God.
1988   R. Bly James Wright & Mysterious Woman in Wilderness & Domesticity (1990) 82   The Pauline and Augustine view that the body is corrupt.

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 B. n.

  An Augustinian friar, canon, or nun (see Augustinian adj.1 1). Cf. sense A. 1.

c1450  (c1405)    Mum & Sothsegger (BL Add. 41666) (1936) l. 502 (MED)   A. for þees Augustines þat amoreux been euer.
1532   Romaunt Rose in Wks. G. Chaucer f. clxviiv/1   Frere prechours bene good menne al..So bene Augustyns.
1575   G. Fenton Golden Epist. f. 49   To take rather the habite of S. Benet, then of the Augustines.
1610   Bible (Douay) II. Jer. xxxv. 1 (Annot.)    Of ech of these kindes, diuers sortes are distinguished... As Carmelites, Augustines (as wel Monkes, as Canons Regular) Benedictins, [etc.].
1682   London Mercury 6 Apr. 1/2   They went from the Cathedral Church, to the Great Convent of the Augustins.
1708   London Gaz. No. 4427/13   The Church of the barefooted Augustins.
1758   tr. J. G. Keyssler Trav. (new ed.) I. xiv. 95   At Tubingen (which formerly was a Monastery of Augustines) they have Lodging and Diet gratis.
1811   J. Grant Summary Hist. Eng. Church I. v. 291   They were denominated Augustines, or canons regular of St. Augustine.
1850   A. Jameson Legends Monastic Orders Introd. p. xxxiii   The black habit is worn by the Augustines, the Servi, the Oratorians, and the Jesuits.
1984   S. I. Spencer French Women & Age of Enlightenment 87   At age ten or twelve, bourgeois girls frequented the convents of teaching orders, such as the Augustines, Bénédictines, Notre Dame, Visitandines, and Bernardines.
2007   Trans. Royal Hist. Soc. 17 171   The convent of the Augustines of Notre-Dame.

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