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masjid, n.

Forms:  15 mosged, 16 mesgid, 17–18 musjid, 18 mesjid, 18 muschid, 18– masjid. (Show Less)
Etymology:  Partly < Urdu masjid and Persian masjid, and partly < their etymon Arabic masjid place of worship or prostration in prayer, noun of place < sajada   to bow down in prayer or worship, probably ultimately of Aramaic origin. Compare mesquita n., mosque n.
In quot. 1594   translating French Mesgedes (plural; 1576).
On the origins of the Arabic word and its use by the Prophet and in the literature of Islam, see Encycl. Islam (new ed., 1990) at masḏid. Arabic masjid jāmiʿ, lit. ‘universal’ or ‘general mosque’, is used for a large, congregational mosque where Friday prayer is conducted; jāmiʿ is also widely used on its own as a noun to denote this type of mosque in Arabic-speaking countries of northern Africa, and is the source of the usual word for ‘mosque’ (especially a large one) in Turkey (compare Turkish cami) and the former Ottoman countries of the Balkans (compare Serbian džamija, Bulgarian džamija, Albanian xhami, modern Greek τζαμί).

  A mosque, esp. one in a Muslim country.

1594   R. Ashley tr. L. le Roy Interchangeable Course 101   Not suffering in his Mosgedes, or Temples, any corruptible thing whatsoeuer.
1625   S. Purchas Pilgrimes I. iii. vi. 202 (marginal note)    How vnlikely is it that they would admit a Fort to captiuate their libertie, and that neere their Mesgid to prophane their religion?
1787   Whitehall Evening Post 25 Dec.   The European Magazine, for December, will contain..A View of the Musjid, at Iionpoor [sic].
1814   W. Brown Hist. Propagation Christianity II. x. 546   The chiefs and Effendis..passed various laws against those who neglected to attend prayers at the Muschid.
1844   J. H. Stocqueler Hand-bk. India 390   There are many mosques or musjids in Patna.
1882   E. A. Floyer Unexplored Baluchistan 96   A ground plan of a house marked in white stones and evidently intended for a masjid.
1932   Times Lit. Suppl. 10 Nov. 840/1   The charming panels in the side walls of the mimbar steps at the Ravali Masjid.
1984   G. Jennings Journeyer 105   Never having been in a masjid, I did not know what to expect.

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This entry has been updated (OED Third Edition, December 2000).

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