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artillery, n.


α. lME artellerye, lME artelry, lME artilrye, lME artylrye, lME 16 artilrie, lME–15 artelery, lME–15 artillarye, lME–15 artyllerye, lME–16 artillarie, lME–17 artillerie, lME– artillery, 15 artillary, 15 artylary, 15 artylerey, 15 artylery, 15 artyllary, 15 artyllery, 15–16 artilerie, 15–16 artillerye, 15–18 artilery, 16– artill'ry (poet.); Sc. pre-17 artaillarie, pre-17 artaillery, pre-17 artallirie, pre-17 artalry, pre-17 artillarie, pre-17 artillary, pre-17 17– artillery, 17 artilery; N.E.D. (1885) also records forms lME artylery, lME–15 artillari.

β. 15 artilliarie; Sc. pre-17 altailȝerie, pre-17 altelyerie, pre-17 artailȝearie, pre-17 artailȝeiry, pre-17 artailȝerie, pre-17 artailȝery, pre-17 artailȝerye, pre-17 artailȝierie, pre-17 artailliarie, pre-17 artaillierie, pre-17 artailliery, pre-17 artailyearie, pre-17 artailyerie, pre-17 artailyery, pre-17 artailyerye, pre-17 artalȝeirie, pre-17 artalȝerie, pre-17 artalȝery, pre-17 artallierie, pre-17 artalliery, pre-17 artalyerie, pre-17 artealliarie, pre-17 arteilȝerie, pre-17 arteilȝerrie, pre-17 arteillȝerie, pre-17 arteilyerie, pre-17 artelȝarie, pre-17 artelȝearie, pre-17 artelȝerie, pre-17 artelliarie, pre-17 artelyearie, pre-17 artilȝeary, pre-17 artilȝerie, pre-17 artilȝery, pre-17 artiliȝirie, pre-17 artilliarie, pre-17 artilyery, pre-17 arttalȝerij, pre-17 arttalȝery.

γ. 15 artelere, 15 artellere, 15 artelyre; Sc. pre-17 artailȝeir, pre-17 artalȝar, pre-17 artilȝere.

δ. pre-17 artailȝe, pre-17 artailȝee, pre-17 artailȝie, pre-17 artaillȝe, pre-17 artaillie, pre-17 artalȝe, pre-17 artallie, pre-17 artelȝie, pre-17 artelie, pre-17 artilȝie, pre-17 artilye.

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Frequency (in current use): 
Origin: A borrowing from French. Etymon: French artillarie.
Etymology: < Anglo-Norman artillarie, attilerie, artelrie, Anglo-Norman and Middle French artillerie, Middle French artellerie, arteillerie (French artillerie  ) military equipment, weaponry (13th cent. in Old French), arsenal (1309), hunting gear (a1412 or earlier in Anglo-Norman), mounted guns, cannons, etc. (late 15th cent.) < artiller  , artillier   to provide with weapons (early 13th cent.; alteration (after art  art n.1) of atillier   to arrange, adjust (12th cent.), to put on armour in preparing for battle (12th cent.) < an unattested post-classical Latin form *apticulare  , derivative of classical Latin aptāre   to fit, adapt (see aptate v.)) + -erie  -ery suffix. Compare post-classical Latin artillaria  , artillarium  , artilleria  , artilliaria  , artillyeria  , artillyearia  , artellaria  , artelleria   engines for discharging missiles (frequently from 1377 in British sources), and also Catalan artilleria   (1370), Spanish artillería   (first half of the 15th cent.; also as artellería   (15th cent.)), Portuguese artilharia   (15th cent.; also artelharia  , artelharya   (15th cent.)), Italian artigleria   military equipment, weaponry (14th cent.), mounted guns, cannon, etc. (a1519). Compare artry n.
Senses 3b   and 5   are not paralleled in French until later (1751 and 1690 respectively).
In Middle English the forms artler  , artylyr   are also found in the sense ‘arms, weaponry’, apparently showing spec. use of artiller n.   by association with the present word.

1. As a count noun: an implement of war. In later use as a mass noun: military equipment; weaponry. Also in extended use: hunting gear; equipment in general. Obs.

c1405  (▸c1390)    Chaucer Melibeus (Hengwrt) (2003) §365,   I shal warnestore myn hous wt toures swiche as han Castelles & othere manere edifices & armure & Artelries [c1430 Cambr. artelleryes] by whiche thynges I may my persone & myn hous..defenden.
1422   in T. Rymer Fœdera (1710) X. 212 (MED),   All the Ablementes of Werre..Poudres, Gonnes, Arblasters, Shotte, or other Artilrie.
1481   Act 11 Jas. III (1597) §82   Victualles, men and artailȝierie.
1485   Caxton tr. Charles the Grete (1881) 162   Anone the artylleryes were assembled and the harnoys trussed.
1536   Bp. J. Longland Serm. Good Fryday sig. G iii.v,   The gall, the sharpe spere, the woundes and all the artilery & armes of hys passion.
c1550   Complaynt Scotl. (1979) vi. 33   Gunnaris cum heir & stand by ȝour artailȝee.
1559   H. Machyn Diary (1848) 191   All maner of artelere, as drumes, flutes, trumpetes, gones, mores pykes, halbardes.
1653   T. Urquhart tr. Rabelais 1st Bk. Wks. xxvi. 120   Himself, whilest his dinner was making ready, went to see his artillery mounted upon the carriage, to display his colours.
1794   S. Williams Nat. & Civil Hist. Vermont 177   A club made of hard wood, a stake hardened in the fire, a lance armed with a flint or a bone, a bow and an arrow constituted the whole artillery of an Indian war.
1827   W. Tennant Papistry Storm'd 204   Swappin' their handspakes and their battens, And ither mad artailyie.

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 2. Machinery used for discharging projectiles in war.

 a. With reference to discharge by mechanical recoil, including weapons such as bows, slings, catapults, etc. Now hist.

c1450   Siege Thebes (Rawl.) in Archiv f. das Studium der Neueren Sprachen (1913) 130 270 (MED),   Making redy al þeire Artelery and cast of stone.
1475   Bk. Noblesse 29   For lak of good provisions bothe of artillery and ordenaunce for the werre and soudeyng to be made in dew season.
1515   in J. B. Paul Accts. Treasurer Scotl. (1903) V. 17   Making of crane and wyndais for fourtene pecis of artalȝery.
1537   Charter Henry VIII P.R.O., C66/677 (transcript) m. 45   The Science of Artillary that is to witt for Longe Bowes Crosbowes and Handgonnes.
1601   P. Holland tr. Pliny Hist. World I. 199   To discharge vpon him arrowes, quarrels, stones, bullets, and such like shot, out of brakes, slings, and other engins of artillery.
1611   Bible (King James) 1 Sam. xx. 40   Ionathan gaue his artillery [ Wyclif, aarmis; Coverdale, wapens] vnto his ladde, and said vnto him, Goe, cary them to the citie.
a1701   H. Maundrell Journey Aleppo to Jerusalem (1703) 125   Amongst the Artillery was an old Roman Balista.
1757   W. Maitland Hist. & Antiq. Scotl. I. ii. 192   'Tis not in the least probable that the Roman artillery, the catapultæ and balistæ, were placed between them.
1869   C. Boutell tr. J. P. Lacombe Arms & Armour xi. 215   Ancient artillery..could never have led the way to the introduction of modern artillery. They have really nothing in common.
1973   Eng. Hist. Rev. 88 871   The fourth century B.C...saw the first Greek use of catapult artillery in attack.
2000   Dumbarton Oaks Papers 54 231   It probably accommodated heavier artillery, such as a large catapult.

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 b. With reference to explosive discharge, including ordnance such as mounted guns, cannon, mortars, and anti-aircraft weaponry; large-calibre firearms used both offensively and defensively in military operations. †Occas. as a count noun. Cf. ordnance n. 2a.The term great artillery was used to distinguish larger-calibre guns from small artillery. In later use this distinction is expressed by the terms light artillery and heavy artillery.
battery-, field-, siege-artillery, etc.: see the first element.

1509   in P. F. Tytler Hist. Scotl. (1864) II. 279 (note)    Three hundred small artillery, under the names of myand, culverins, and double-dogs.
1524   R. Copland tr. J. de Bourbon Syege Cyte of Rodes in Begynnynge Ordre Knyghtes Hospytallers sig. b6,   The artyllery of the turkes was suche as foloweth. Fyrst there was vi. grete gonnes canonnes perryers of brasse.
1598   R. Barret Theorike & Pract. Mod. Warres v. 124   The artillery is deuided and differenced into greatnesse or Sizes royall, and into lesser sizes.
1602   J. Marston Hist. Antonio & Mellida i. sig. B3v,   Let vollies of the great Artillery From of our gallies banks play prodigall.
a1660   in J. T. Gilbert Contemp. Hist. Ireland (1879) I. 151   The waies from thence to Sligo 20 miles, verie roughe, sliperie and tugh for artilerie or wagons.
1728   Mem. Eng. Officer 95   The heavy artillery landed for the siege was return'd aboard the ships.
1769   W. Falconer Universal Dict. Marine sig. *H3v,   Lanterne..a cartridge-case, to carry the cartridges from the ship's magazine to the artillery.
1803   G. Lake in Marquess Wellesley Select. Despatches (1877) 395   The enemy opposed to us a tremendous fire from a numerous artillery.
1862   Sci. Amer. 4 Jan. 41/2   Experiments were in progress to test plates of various thicknesses with all the different kinds of artillery that could be procured.
1927   Jrnl. Afr. Soc. 26 250   The artillery was composed of six large cannon and various smaller pieces.
1939   Fortune Nov. 142/2   Pillboxes and blockhouses..armed with heavier machine guns and light artillery.
1974   C. Ryan Bridge too Far iii. i. 136   General Urquhart needed the maximum in men, equipment and artillery—especially anti-tank guns.
a1985   P. White With the Jocks (2003) 480   Artillery support will be..two medium regiments and four batteries of heavy artillery.
2000   M. Green & G. Green Weapons of Patton's Armies ii. 43   Medium artillery is also used to reinforce the fire of light artillery.

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 c. fig. Emotional or intellectual resources deployed to achieve a desired end.Sometimes with admixture of senses 1   or 4.

1592   R. Dallington tr. F. Colonna Hypnerotomachia f. 97,   The violent force of Cupids artillerie.
1656   A. Cowley Poems 36   Isabella came Arm'd with a resistless Flame And th' Artillery of her Eye.
1729   B. Mandeville Fable Bees ii. iii. 126   She has all the Artillery of our Sex to fear.
1764   T. Reid Inq. Human Mind v. vii,   It declines the tribunal of reason, and laughs at all the artillery of the logician.
1809   S. Smith Wks. (1859) I. 163/1   He charges the historian with his whole heavy artillery of argument and quotation.
1811   M. R. Mitford Let. 15 Oct. in A. G. L'Estrange Life M. R. Mitford (1870) I. v. 157   Even Shakespeare's magic is not proof against the artillery of puns.
1912   D. Ferguson Castle Gay 137   All the artillery of his wild wit flashed.
1945   Fortune Mar. 170/2   He..drew up the artillery of his talents and began firing a miscellaneous barrage of ideas across the executive floor.
1988   M. Bradbury in Unsent Lett. 39   Teachers who work on the very front line of English language and literature education, where the artillery fire is always the greatest.
2003   Powerlifting USA Feb. 35/1   After turning on his mental artillery in Mel Hennesy's garage gym, he bypassed 500 going right to 505.

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a. The practice of archery. Obs.

1473   in T. Dickson Accts. Treasurer Scotl. (1877) I. 69   Certane thingis..according to artilȝery.
1545   R. Ascham Toxophilus To Gentlem. Eng.,   That fletcher is an enemye to archers and artillery.
1550–3   Four Supplic. (1871) 100   It is a great decay to artyllary: for shepeherdes be but yll artchers.

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 b. The science and practice of using cannon, large-calibre firearms, etc.; gunnery.

1728   E. Chambers Cycl. (at cited word),   Artillery is also used for what we otherwise called Pyrotechnia, or the Art of Fire-works, with the Instruments and Apparatus belonging thereto.
1747   J. Muller Attack & Def. Fortify'd Places (title-page)   John Muller, Professor of Artillery and Fortification.
1884   E. Schuyler Peter the Great I. xxxix. 375   Prince Alexander of Imeritia, who had studied artillery at the Hague.
1937   C. Ffoulkes Gun-founders of Eng. 84   The form of the carronade, short and very thick at the base, is so well known to students of artillery.
2003   R. L. Scheina Lat. America's Wars I. 464   In 1960 he studied artillery in Czechoslovakia.

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4. Projectiles discharged in war; shot, ammunition. Obs.

1540   T. Elyot Def. Good Women sig. C.iiii,   And here haue at your blockehouse, oute of the whiche is shot agaynste women al this artillery.
1565   A. Golding tr. Cæsar Martiall Exploytes in Gallia viii. f. 249,   From whence wyth an engine artillery might haue bene shotte among the thyckest of hys ennemyes.
1585   J. Banister Wecker's Compend. Chyrurg. ii. 270   Search with a probe, which way the pellet is gone, (this obserue in the drawing out of all artillerie).
a1636   T. Westcote View Devonshire 1630 (1845) 43   Hurling flints and pebbles and other such like artillery.
1867   C. H. Pearson Hist. Eng. I. 23   The war-ships..poured in their artillery on the British flank.
1869   Manufacturer & Builder Jan. 263/2   The feathered artillery of the archer became more precise and deadly.

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 5. A military detachment or branch of the armed forces that uses cannon or large-calibre guns.horse-, rifle, Royal Artillery, etc.: see the first element.

1598   R. Barret Theorike & Pract. Mod. Warres iv. 104   There is alwayes in the campe certaine companies of pioners, the iurisdiction of whom doth belong vnto the Generall of the artillery.
a1657   J. Balfour Hist. Wks. (1825) IV. 204   Generall of the Artiliȝirie.
1702   D. Jones Life James II 348   While the Foot and Artillery arrived, his Majesty narrowly visited the posture of the enemy.
1786   R. Beatson Polit. Index ii. 138   The Master General of the Ordnance..is Colonel in Chief of the Royal Regiment of Artillery.
1840   G. M. Bussey Hist. Napoleon II. l. 500   The multitude without the city, believing the artillery intended hostilities, sought for safety behind the houses in the vicinity.
1866   Standard 2 Nov. 5/6   To transform the heavy cavalry into horse artillery.
1917   D. Haig Diary 28 July in War Diaries & Lett. 1914–18 (2005) 306   We have already cowed the Enemy's artillery.
1930   S. Sassoon Mem. Infantry Officer iv. 114,   I couldn't alter European history, or order the artillery to stop firing.
2007   M. E. Grotelueschen AEF Way of War vii. 269   Summerall ordered the artillery to begin preparing the attack zone.

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 6. fig. (chiefly poet.). Thunder and lightning.

a1616   Shakespeare Taming of Shrew (1623) i. ii. 203   Haue I not heard great Ordnance in the field? And heauen's Artillerie thunder in the skies?  
1695   J. Woodward Ess. Nat. Hist. Earth 91   The whole Artillery of the Sky.
1717   Pope tr. Homer Iliad III. xii. 331   As when high Jove his sharp Artill'ry forms.
1835   R. Mant Brit. Months 254   Peal after peal, from the echoing sky Discharg'd, of heaven's artillery.
1851   G. Borrow Lavengro I. xxvi. 338   The artillery of the sky was pealing as I had never heard it peal before.
1916   J. W. Riley Compl. Wks. II. 444   With rumbling wheels of wrath came rolling on The storm's artillery.
1976   L. B. Wright S. Carolina vi. 116   Some Charlestonians put lightning rods on their houses, though a few objected that this was an impious interference with ‘God's artillery’.

a1616—1976(Hide quotations)




 a. General attrib. (chiefly in senses 2b, 5), as artillery attack, artillery fire, artillery regiment, etc.Some of the more established compounds of this type are entered separately at Compounds 1b.

1581   R. Parsons Brief Censure sig. D. vij,   Most terrible earthquakes, wherewith fell doune..the braue artillerie house of Rome, with a hospital wherein were 150. persons.
1592   T. Nashe Strange Newes sig. K4,   Ile present thee with my whole artillerie store of eloquence.
1626   W. Gouge Dignitie Chivalrie §4   Martiall discipline, Artillery tacticks, and Military trainings are matters of moment.
a1681   U. Oakes Soveraign Efficacy of Divine Providence (1682) 22   Training Days, Artillery Days, tho' of great use, and [printed ahd] very necessary; yet are all in vain, unless the Lord bless.
1747   B. Franklin Let. 7 Dec. in Papers (1961) III. 224   It is proposed to breed gunners by forming an artillery club, to go down weekly to the battery and exercise the great guns.
1760   G. Sackville in Trial G. Sackville p. vi,   The Duke of Marlborough ordered me to take the care of the artillery regiment.
1787   G. Greive tr. F. J. de Chastellux Trav. N.-Amer. I. 119   We repaired to the artillery camp.
1802   C. James New Mil. Dict. at Rider,   In artillery carriages, a piece of wood somewhat higher than broad, the length equal to that of the body of the axle-tree.
1849   N. C. Brooks Hist. Mexican War viii. 129   The artillery battalion, thrown into cavalry-square, were prepared to receive them.
1871   Blackwood's Mag. May 44   The artillery-fire seemed heavier than ever; the shells screamed overhead or burst around.
1917   D. Haig Diary 20 Nov. in War Diaries & Lett. 1914–18 (2005) 346   The attack was launched at 6.20 am. There was no artillery bombardment previous to this hour.
1954   Birmingham (Alabama) News 7 Mar. a24/5   The Army is stockpiling the plane-killing Nike units, and semi-guided field artillery rockets designated as the ‘Honest John’.
1979   W. Manchester Goodbye, Darkness 15   The leathernecks sprang forward behind a creeping artillery barrage.
2003   U.S. News & World Rep. 14 Apr. 15 (caption)    This Kurdish peshmerga fighter was wounded by a relentless Iraqi artillery attack.

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  artillery brigade   n.

1780   Authentic Abstr. Minutes Supreme Council Bengal 1779 28   The company of Artillery brigade at the Presidency.
1820   J. R. Planché in G. Soane Hebrew 8   You of the artillery brigade, Whose greatest glory is a cannonade.
1978   Mil. Affairs 42 81/1   The armament of the divisional field artillery brigade had consisted of two light 75–mm. gun regiments.
1999   Newsweek 26 Apr. 30/2   Each division has an additional..‘support slice’ of specialist units—helicopter and artillery brigades, for instance.

1780—1999(Hide quotations)


  artillery ground   n.

1635   W. Barriffe Mil. Discipline Ep. Ded. sig. ❧7,   Some..have held a prejudicate opinion of this meeting: conceiving that it would prove an hinderance to the Artillery ground.
1781   R. B. Sheridan Critic i. i. 5   If you had the least spirit you would have been..trailing a volunteer pike in the Artillery ground.
1842   C. Masson Narr. Var. Journeys II. 256   From the court of the Dafta Khâna the Tope Khâna, or artillery ground, is entered.
2003   Times (Nexis) 27 Dec.   After the priory was dissolved by Henry VIII in 1536, its outer precinct was used as an artillery ground.

1635—2003(Hide quotations)


  artillery house   n.

1581Artillerie house [see Compounds 1a].
1681   Tryal B. Slingsby Pref. sig. A,   The place of Pole was the Old Artillery-House in Southwark, which is Ascended out of the Artillery Ground, by six or eight large Stone steps.
1870   Manufacturer & Builder Jan. 73/2   Lightning struck the artillery-house near the powder-magazine in Purfleet.
2006   M. D. Childs 1812 Aponte Rebellion iv. 145   Free black militiamen..would lead the offensive on the artillery house.

1581—2006(Hide quotations)


  artillery officer   n.

1707   D. Jones Compl. Hist. Europe 1706 422   The Janisaries, Spahies Artillery Officers, &c...were come out of the Seraglio, and pass'd by.
1816   Scott Antiquary I. vi. 79   He had stuck into his head the plume, which in more sober days he wielded between his fingers, and figured as an artillery-officer.
1999   J. Elliot Unexpected Light (2000) iv. 170   The young artillery officer had been thrown from his horse by the blast of a German shell.

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  artillery piece   n.

1660   A. Moore Compend. Hist. Turks 296   Amurath..commanded ten great Artillery pieces to be cast.
1775   tr. Valuable Secrets Arts & Trades ix. 203   The artillery pieces take but ten pounds only of pewter to one hundred of the other [sc. copper].
1852   Harper's Mag. Feb. 325/2   The artillery pieces were left among the sandhills, that the horses might be used for the relief of the sufferers.
1997   D. Rohde Endgame (1998) 68   ‘Don't shoot it, don't shoot it,’ Egbers said slowly in English as he pointed at the artillery piece to make himself clear.

1660—1997(Hide quotations)


  artillery practice   n.

1781   S. Ancell Let. 5 Oct. in Jrnl. Blockade & Siege Gibraltar (?1783) 174   The enemy yesterday afternoon, had some artillery practice in their camp.
1871   J. Tyndall Fragm. Sci. i. 17   In artillery practice the heat generated is usually concentrated upon the front of the bolt.
2007   Press Enterprise (Riverside, Calif.) (Nexis) 18 May 1   The sound of Russian artillery practice echoed through the barracks.

1781—2007(Hide quotations)


  artillery shell   n.

1856   Colburn's United Service Mag. Feb. 200   These [percussion or concussion] fuzes are only applicable to naval or sea-coast Artillery shells.
1923   T. Boyd Through Wheat 262   Smoke from the artillery shells hung in gray volutes over the ridge.
1994   New Scientist 4 June 28/2   A deadly new attachment to artillery shells called the proximity fuse that dramatically increased the effectiveness of anti-aircraft fire.

1856—1994(Hide quotations)


  artillery unit   n.

1870   Pall Mall Gaz. 14 Dec. 11/1   The former [artillery first captain] has command of an artillery unit.
1923   R. H. Torrey et al. N.Y. Walk Bk. (Pocket ed.) 149/2   The site of the old Camp Wyckoff..has been used for some seasons past by regular army and state guard artillery units for practice with service ammunition.
1993   Toronto Sun 17 June 58/1   He said ‘brilliant antitank sub-munitions’..will permit long-range attack against armored columns and artillery units with little risk to those firing the shots.

1870—1993(Hide quotations)

 C2. Objective (in sense 2).

  artillery firing   n.

1825   Edinb. Advertiser 20 Dec. 2/3   At first the balls were discharged at short intervals, in imitation of artillery firing.
1877   Daily News 25 Oct. 5/5   Incessant artillery firing is being carried on on both sides.
2007   Def. & Security (Electronic text) (Nexis) 4 June   International naval forces..will do exercises of artillery firing at air and maritime targets.

1825—2007(Hide quotations)


  artillery founder   n.

1728   J. Morgan Compl. Hist. Algiers I. iv. 275   The Basha's Artillery-founder, cast for them a huge iron mace.
1887   Harper's Mag. Sept. 643/2   Alfred Krupp, artillery founder, aged seventy-five years.
1999   D. Rundle Hutchinson Encycl. Renaissance 4   Adriano then moved to Naples, serving King Ferrante I as military engineer and artillery founder.

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  artillery boat   n. a boat carrying artillery, a gunboat.

1759   T. M. Molyneux Conjunct Exped. 124   Two Kind of Artillery Boats, the one to contain a great and small Gun, the other, two Guns of a middling Size.
1866   G. Bancroft Hist. U.S. IX. ix. 154   The Carleton was able to get into action, and was sustained by the artillery-boats.
2007   Def. & Security (Russia) (Nexis) 30 May 58   The newest..missile and artillery boats and minesweepers will remain in service.

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  artillery company   n. an artillery detachment; spec. (as Artillery Company; freq. more fully Honourable Artillery Company ) an artillery unit of the Territorial Army (the oldest regiment in the British Army).

1626   W. Gouge Dignitie Chivalrie Ep. Ded. sig. A4v,   O noble President, Captaines and Gentlemen of the Artillery Company.
1720   C. Molloy Half-pay Officers i. ii. 26   I'm a Captain as well as you; I belong to the right honourable the Artillery Company.
1821   Rep. Proc. & Deb. of Convent. (N.Y. State Constit. Convention) 357   The legislature had exempted those serving in artillery companies from taxation.
1977   Newport (Rhode Island) Mercury 1 July 4/1   The Artillery Company of Newport, the nation's oldest militia organization.
2002   Independent 10 May 22/7   He began his wartime service in the Honorary Artillery Company.

1626—2002(Hide quotations)


  artillery driver   n. now hist. a person who drives the horses which pull field guns.

1788   C. Crauford & R. Crauford tr. J. G. Tielke Acct. War between Prussians, Austrians & Russians II. i. 135,   The Russian loss was as follows..1 Artillery driver, and 8 horses.
1832   T. P. Thompson Exercises (1842) II. 275   Increasing the corps of artillery-drivers with men expert in the vocation.
1991   Times (Nexis) 10 June   A detachment of artillery drivers and horses, commanded by a Captain of the royal artillery, were employed in the movements.

1788—1991(Hide quotations)


  artillery duel   n. a battle or exchange of fire involving heavy artillery.

1861   Chicago Tribune 6 Sept. 1/6   He calls the engagement a remarkable artillery duel.
1936   Times 26 Aug. 12/4   On the Guadarrama front..an artillery duel has raged for 24 hours.
2002   Maclean's (Electronic ed.) 12 Aug. 30   Artillery duels between Indian and Pakistani troops have killed hundreds and forced thousands from their homes.

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  artillery garden   n. now hist. a practice ground for artillery; spec. that located in Spitalfields in London used by the Artillery Company.

1581   Ordinance P.R.O.: SP 12/147 f. 196,   The said place comonly called the Artillerie garden was of purpose given by the prince of famouse memorie Kinge Henry the eight to thoffice of Thordinance for the trayning vse and practize of Gonners.
1631   W. Gouge Gods Three Arrowes v. §9. 419   Vacant houres cannot better be spent then in the Artillery Garden.
1851   N. B. Craig Hist. Pittsburgh 195   Near the garrison on the Allegheny bank, were formerly what were called the king's artillery gardens.
2006   R. B. Manning Apprenticeship in Arms i. vi. 144   Another artillery garden was located in St Martin's Fields.

1581—2006(Hide quotations)


  artillery harness   n. harness for horses which pull field guns.

1806   B. Lambert Hist. & Surv. London & Environs IV. v. 112   This extensive store-room is filled with..sponges, rammers, ladles, artillery harness, &c. which are deposited here till called for.
1920   W. E. Bachman Delta of Triple Elevens xvi. 77   French artillery harness presented many new problems to the Americans.
2005   D. E. Collins Death & Resurrection J. Davis iii. 74   Six black horses in artillery harness and plumes, walking two abreast and each led by a soldier in uniform, drew the caisson.

1806—2005(Hide quotations)


  artillery horse   n. now chiefly hist. a horse used to pull and manoeuvre cannon and other heavy munitions on the battlefield; cf. horse-artillery n. at horse n. Compounds 1e(a).

1701   D. Jones Compl. Hist. Europe 1702 329   Artillery Horses kill'd 28.
1815   Times 30 Nov. 2/5   The heavy ration shall be given for..artillery horses that draw the guns and caissons.
1915   Big Piney (Wyoming) Examiner (Electronic text) 1 July (advt.)    An Artillery horse should be heavier [than a Cavalry horse], at least 15 hands 1 inch in height, and what one would call a work horse.
2003   S. R. Schrepfer & P. Scranton Industrializing Organisms 155   Artillery horses suffered particularly high casualties. When a field commander ordered up the artillery, six-horse teams galloped the guns from the rear.

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  artillery park   n. a place where artillery is kept, or encamped during a battle; the reserve of artillery available to an army (cf. park of artillery at park n. 4a).

1708   A. Boyer tr. J. Donneau de Visé Hist. Siege of Toulon i. 3   The Artillery-Park strikes also the Beholders with Wonder, there being an infinite number of great Guns in Piles.
1767   T. Simes Mil. Medley Mil. Dict.,   Artillery-Park is a place appointed in the rear of both lines of the army for encamping the artillery.
1832   T. Carlyle Misc. Ess. (1847) III. 114   The explosion of powder-mines and artillery-parks naturally attracts every eye and ear.
1941   Baltimore Sun 24 June 10/2   The Finnish campaign..seems to indicate that they [sc. the Russians] have an ample artillery park.
2002   K. M. Pollack Arabs at War i. 68   Sharon also landed a battalion of paratroopers by helicopters in the dunes north of the Egyptian artillery park.

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  artillery plant   n. a tropical American plant popular as a house plant, Pilea microphylla (family Urticaceae), having small succulent leaves and cymes of tiny flowers which throw out clouds of pollen.

1858   Horticulturist 13 193   The other pretty little plant has often been mentioned under the name of the Artillery Plant, and called Pilea muscosa.
1956   X. Field Housewife Bk. House Plants iii. 81   P. microphylla, or muscosa, is the dwarf of the family. The pilea is known as the artillery plant because the pollen from the flowers appears to explode as it is discharged.
2006   Ledger (Lakeland, Florida) (Nexis) 21 July d1   Artillery plants, ranging from 5 inches to 15 inches tall, have fleshy, succulent stems and leaves that resemble the lacy, arching foliage of ferns.

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  artillery tractor   n. a vehicle used to tow and manoeuvre heavy artillery.

1917   Galveston (Texas) Daily News 23 June 3/5   Quartermaster trucks, ammunition trucks, artillery tractors,..and half a dozen other types of vehicle.
1996   A. H. Cordesman & A. R. Wagner Gulf War ix. 713   Iraq's towed artillery could not begin to cope with the Coalition rate of maneuver. Most units were overrun before they could attempt to bring in artillery tractors.

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  artillery train   n. now hist. a series of large-calibre guns mounted on carriages in order to be transported; also fig.

1693   Dryden tr. Juvenal Satires vii. 134   Shew me the well-lung'd Civilian's Gain, Who bears in Triumph an Artillery Train Of Chancery Libels.
1772   S. Swinney Battle of Minden ii. 33   Th' Artillery-Train that, late..had torn the Ground.
1814   E. Quillinan Dunluce Castle i. 9   'Twas even hell's artillery train, Thus plac'd by demons.
1998   I. Gentles in J. Kenyon & J. Ohlmeyer Civil Wars iv. 133   The king lost more officers, but..captured seven guns to bolster his feeble artillery train.

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  artillery wheel   n. a sturdy dished wheel used on gun carriages; a similar wheel formerly used on motor vehicles.

1834   R. M. Bird Calavar II. xxvii. 205   The steps of those who bore the ponderous bridge, and the creaking of artillery wheels, were heard ringing and rolling over the square.
1902   Car 15 Oct. 252/2   The Lanchester car was not strong enough to have artillery wheels, and so was fitted with wire suspension wheels.
1991   Life Nov. 113/1 (advt.)    It has a real wood dashboard and running boards, spoked artillery wheels..and a crank handle you can turn.

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  artillery yard   n. an enclosed area for storing artillery and training artillerymen.

1591   Acts of Privy Council 74   The artillery yarde belonginge to the cittie beinge erected for the trayninge of yonge gentlemen in London.
1612   B. Jonson Alchemist i. i. 31   Your complexion..Stuck full of blacke, and melancholique wormes, Like poulder cornes, shot, at th' Artillery-yard.
1770   P. Pittman Present State European Settlem. Missisippi 11   The left side is occupied by the king's store-houses and an artillery-yard.
1862   Trollope N. Amer. (1863) I. xii. 194   At West Point there is much of buildings, much of military arrangement in the way of cannons, forts, and artillery yards.
2003   San Francisco Chron. (Nexis) 27 Dec. 12   Soldiers drilled, and punishments were meted out in a large artillery yard bounded by crenellated walls.

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