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Charles Dickens

Charles John Huffam Dickens (1812–1870), novelist.
The 16th most frequently quoted source in the OED, with a total of 9289 quotations (about 0.29% of all OED quotations).
See article in the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography

Total number of quotations9289Find quotations
Quotations providing first evidence of a word229Find quotations
Quotations providing first evidence of a particular meaning1494Find quotations
NameTotal QuotationsPercentage of quotations
1.Pickwick Papers98311.0%Find quotations in OED
2.Our Mutual Friend88410.0%Find quotations in OED
3.Dombey & Son7919.0%Find quotations in OED
4.Nicholas Nickleby7278.0%Find quotations in OED
5.Sketches by Boz6797.0%Find quotations in OED
6.Let.5876.0%Find quotations in OED
7.Barnaby Rudge5856.0%Find quotations in OED
8.Old Curiosity Shop5796.0%Find quotations in OED
9.Martin Chuzzlewit4575.0%Find quotations in OED
10.Bleak House4425.0%Find quotations in OED

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