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This month's timeline: dress, fashion, and appearance

1000-45: belt 1200-49: to lace 1400-49: petticoat 1650-99: denim 1750-99: sansculotte 1800-49: pants 1900-50: facelift 1950-2000: bling

OED Timelines

timeline extractEach month we offer an example of a new feature of the OED Online in action—Timelines, which provide a fascinating insight into how English has developed over time. Timelines are a graphical representation showing when words entered the English language. April's Timeline charts 1000 years of the changing language of dress, fashion, and appearance, from belt to bling. This month's timeline offers links to selected words, but with subscriber access to the OED Online click on the image (shown here) to go to the complete timeline to see new words by 50-year intervals.

Then use the Timelines option yourself: what is the pattern for English words derived from Italian or Japanese, for example? when did key legal terms enter the language? what is the pattern for new words in science or medicine, and what can these tell us about the development of society?

Timelines in the OED