From the second edition (1989):
†tect, ppl. a.
[ad. L. tect-us, pa. pple. of tegĕre to cover.]

Covered, hidden. (Const. as pa. pple. See also tectly.) So †ˈtected.

c1440 Pallad. on Husb. vi. 180 With chaf or fern this boordis do be tecte. Ibid. viii. 79 The tuppe is chosun fair of altitude, Ywombed side, and tecte in whitest wolle. c1557 Abp. Parker Ps. cxv. 332 Why els no doubt, the Heathen sect, Would say where is their God so tect? 1657 Tomlinson Renou's Disp. 459 The shells wherewith they are tected.