From the second edition (1989):
[f. the surname: see quot. 1798.]

A kind of hop. Also golding hop, golding vine.

1798 W. Marshall Rur. Econ. S. Counties I. iii. xxvi. 183 The ‘golding’ has, of late years, been in high repute. It is a sub-variety‥of the Canterbury; which was raised by a man still living (1790) Mr. Golding, of the Malling quarter of the district [of Maidstone]. 1810 —— Review W. Eng. 378 There are two [varieties of hops]‥in more particular esteem, both with the planter and merchant; the Golding Vine‥and the Mathon White. 1900 C. Salter tr. Gross's Hops 39 The Goldings are the best class of English red hops. 1902 Times 5 Sept. 2/5 The golding hops are reported to be developing slowly. 1959 A. Cronk Eng. Hops Gloss. 15 Golding's,‥the name given to a category embracing the choicest English varieties. Ibid., Golding variety, one of a category of varieties, having affinity to Golding's, but somewhat inferior.